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Alumni Spotlight – Annabel Adiprasito

“Annabel brought positive vibes into class! She had such high levels of energy. Not everyone loves mathematics as it is not an easy subject to grasp. Even through someone is good at mathematics, this does not mean that the person has a passion for the subject. I could tell that Annabel loved mathematics. She chose to write her Extended Essay in mathematics.  Annabel is a knowledge explorer who is full of curiosity about learning and never gave up on trying to overcome any challenges she faced.  I believe that the quality of her work and enthusiasm made Annabel’s school life more enjoyable. She had great relationships with both staff and her peers. I have such a great rapport with Annabel and look forward to hearing more fun stories about her journey in the University of Leeds in the UK when she visits WISS!” Shared Ju Hee Kim, Head of Maths at WISS.

Name: Annabel Adiprasito 

Years at WISS: 2016-2018 

Graduated: Class of 2018

Hometown: Braunschweig, Germany 

Currently: Leeds, UK  

Annabel wearing the graduation cap

What impact did your time at WISS have on you?  

The time at WISS was during the DP programme so it was the most important time of high school, and had a huge impact on me. It prepared me really well academically for university, in terms of communication and writing skills and everything. The social life was really friendly and comforting. I felt socially prepared from the international community to get out and meet people in university. 

 What were the highlights of your time at WISS?  

There were so many highlights for me. The highlights were events and moments where I was able to do something together with my classmates. I was part of the “After Juliet” play in 2018, and really enjoyed that. Also the art exhibitions with DP art were so much fun. It was fun to spend time with my classmates creating the art work. One more thing that really impacted me was the history field trips. We went on historic walks through Shanghai, and the atmosphere on those walks was really special. Anything we got to do with the WISS family was a highlight. 

Annabel performing at the Western International School of Shanghai

What are you doing now, and what are your career goals?  

I just graduated from University of Leeds with a bachelor in science in Economics and Finance. I am starting a graduate program in Leeds with Morison, a food retail company. I am also pursuing the CIMA program which is a management accounting certification. After the graduate program, which is more on the practical side, then I want to go back to studying. I am looking to do my masters in Finance either in Frankfurt or Vienna. I would love to work in investment banking, or something else in the Finance sector. 

Annabel and her friends at the Graduation Ceremony

 What advice would you give to current WISS students as they’re looking ahead to college and careers?  

I would most definitely say that you should try and seize every opportunity that opens up without being too stressed or tense about it. Everything will work out. Most important for me was loosening up a bit, and realizing that I communicated more clearly when less stressed. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself, and it will always work out. 

Annabel and her friends at the Western International School of Shanghai

What would you tell a parent who is considering sending their child to attend WISS? 

I believe that sending a child to WISS is the best thing you could do. Just because the community is so open-minded and creative and it forces you to challenge yourself to go down new paths and try new things. At the same time it’s so comforting and safe which allows you to really reflect on yourself and then grow from there together with other people. You grow with this family around you. When I was at WISS, it was like a family, and not just the students, but the parents and staff too. I ended up so much more comfortable and confident with studying and learning and growth. It’s the perfect base to perform well academically.