WISS Today Article

The annual International Schools’ Modern Language Festival was again hosted by Soong Ching Ling School, International Division. Nine WISS students from Grades 7 – 9 represented WISS in German, French, and Spanish. Our students were invited to participate in a variety of exciting and challenging language-related experiences: language mastery, live talent, and creative displays.

WISS students with their medals

Within language mastery, Max (Grade 8), Ben (Grade 9), and Alexander (Grade 9) participated in the German ‘declamation’ category- they each memorized a German poem by heart and recited it in front of 2 judges. They swept the category with Max winning 3rd place (bronze), Alexander winning 2nd (silver), and Ben winning a gold medal for his outstanding rendition!

 Louise (Grade 8) participated in French impromptu speaking and earned first place (gold) when prompted to talk spontaneously about ‘home’.
Liam and Vivien (Grade 9) were involved in a Spanish debate about animal testing. They displayed phenomenal linguistic skills, debating for almost 20 minutes in Spanish and receiving 2nd place (silver) for their achievement in this area. Additionally, our resourceful Grade 7 students in attendance (Marius, Haeyshna and Jayden), composed a culturally relevant, innovative song about learning Spanish (IN Spanish!). The group performed the song (in addition to playing all instruments and wearing props relevant to the target culture) in front of an audience in the school’s auditorium. Their creativity earned them first prize (gold) for the live talent category.

Finally, a number of our students participated in the creative display competition. While they were not in attendance at the event, the teachers took their projects and collected their medals on their behalf.

All of these students also received prices:
In Grade 7, Gustav, Fatima, Elizabeth, Emily, Ian, and Jason received bronze for their fabulous French poster on ‘Le Fromage’.

“Les Fromages de France” by Grade 7 students

In Grade 9, Hannah got silver for her illustration of Cristobal Colon (Spanish Language Acquisition).

Illustration of Cristobal Colon by

Finally, in Grade 10, Sammi obtained silver for her outstanding artwork depicting a ‘fusion of Spanish and Chinese cultures’.

Artwork by Sammi from The Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)

It was an enjoyable event for everyone involved allowing our students to connect with fellow language learners from different international schools and feel a sense of accomplishment as their creativity, enthusiasm, and overall linguistic skills were recognized and rewarded.

This was also a chance for them to reflect on the importance of learning foreign languages as a vehicle towards intercultural understanding and true international-mindedness.