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At WISS, we believe that problem–based learning inspires students to become true IB learners. This approach to teaching and learning supports the development of the IB Learner Profile attributes, which encourage students to consider global challenges through inquiry, action, and reflection.  

As part of their Unit of Inquiry – “Where We Are in Place and Time,” Grade 4 students are challenged to apply their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to reflect on a real-world problem: Migration.

Through a WISS IB education, students develop essential 21st-Century skills. In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, these skills, which include problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, creative thinking, and perseverance, are elements for future success. Recently, Primary students from Grade 4 have demonstrated that they are a well-prepared future generation of young problem-solvers.

In the words of Linnea McCully, a WISS Grade 4 Teacher: “the simulation of a refugee experience help students develop a sense of empathy for refugees and others in forced migration situations. By playing the “Passages” game, students were faced with some of the challenges and emotions refugees face.” Students participated in a simulation to identify reasons people migrate from one place to another and analyze the similarities and differences between two real-world migrations.” While reflecting on the migration problem, learners also become open-minded by learning about the different types of homes people live in and the reasons for that.”    

The activity was structured in nine simulations:  family set-up, escape and separation, emergency supplies, temporary shelter, deciding to leave your country, border crossing, refugee camp, repatriation, debriefing, and thread of connection. Learning experiences such as this connects students to real-world situations, encouraging them to use their creativity, knowledge, and critical thinking skills on their journey to becoming lifelong learners with a vision to contribute to society as Global Citizens.   

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