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The Western International School of Shanghai is pleased to announce the launch of its distinguished merit-based De-Zhi-Ti Overall Achievement Scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year. This One Million Renminbi academic scholarship is a 4-year scholarship open to all new applying students from Grade 6 to *Grade 12 and is our most competitive and distinguished scholarship. The De-Zhi-Ti Overall Achievement Scholarship represents the highest level of scholarship, achievement, leadership, and service and aims to recognize the exceptional talent of students. 



What Inspired the De-Zhi-Ti Overall Achievement Scholarship?

The Western International School of Shanghai was founded on two core philosophies.   The IB educational philosophy and principles of preparing students to be globally-minded, and the shared Chinese educational philosophy of De (heart) Zhi (mind) Ti (body). These two core elements form a unique blend of East and West.  The WISS Education offer an outstanding education that equips students to go into the world understanding others, the importance of being empathic, and the desire to reduce conflict. 

WISS believes that every student is unique and deserves to be recognized as an individual. The school takes pride in encouraging students to develop the motivation and skills to reach their full potential, challenge themselves, and strive for excellence in all they do.  

The De-Zhi-Ti Overall Achievement Scholarship is based on the holistic development concept of De-Zhi-Ti (heart, mind, and body). A philosophy shared with their students, families, and staff that is uniquely “WISS” and forms the foundation of the support and growth offered of their diverse student body.    

De () – An education is not just the content covered in school. At WISS, students are expected to foster healthy relationships with others based on being caring, collaborative, respectful, responsible, and supportive individuals whose actions contribute to giving back to the community. 

Zhi () – When a school develops the mind of its students, it gives them knowledge and skills and nurtures them to become critical thinkers, increasing their ability to solve problems. Therefore, WISS believes that success is not just a number on a test but also how students approach challenges. 

Ti () – Students need not only compassion for others and the intelligence to solve problems, but they need to look inward and care for themselves with a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle. This is a methodology that aligns with WISS’s balanced approach to education that nurtures the whole child. 

The Western International School of Shanghai is committed to providing a well-rounded, international education. Therefore, the WISS Scholarship Program focuses beyond the financial award to a student and acknowledges and appreciates students’ achievements and dedication to learning.   The Scholarship Program is a key characteristic of the academic excellence, innovative, high-quality, inquiry-based learning cultivated among their students.  

What are the core requirements for applying to the WISS De-Zhi-Ti Overall Achievement Scholarship, and what is the Scholarship Committee expecting from applicants?

1.WISS offers a rolling admissions process and accept applications from students at any time during the academic year.

2. Students interested in applying to this distinguished scholarship should first complete an online application to the school, submit all required basic documentation and records.  Payment of the application fee will initiate the preliminary review of applications to determine eligibility to apply for the scholarship.  

3. Applicants must maintain a 6.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or equivalent across all subject areas.

4. Applicants shall be committed to continuing their enrolment at WISS for the duration of the scholarship award.   

5. Applicants must show outstanding accomplishments in overall academics and co-curricular programs, a solid commitment to learning, and a balanced lifestyle.

6. Applicants should show a continued contribution to their school community and the greater community through service leadership programs. 

Please contact the WISS Scholarship Committee for more details on available scholarships via the contact form or by scanning the QR code below: 

WISS is excited about their new initiative offered to students based locally and internationally. Past scholarship recipients have been outstanding students who display the best of what the WISS Education has to offer.  See the most recent scholarship recipients and read more about the scholarship program offered at WISS here.  

*The scholarship award is based on a 4-year length of enrollment at the school. The final scholarship award amount is dependent on the grade level of successful applicants. The scholarship award is a credit and is not refundable, cannot be paid out in cash, and is non-transferable. Should a student withdraw from the school or their academic performance no longer meets the scholarship criteria, the school will withdraw the scholarship offer.