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Grade 12 students have completed their time at WISS with 27 different stories. All of them together, and each one in their own way, are examples of what it means to be a WISS Graduate. Some have been at WISS all their student life, others for just a year or two. But they all carry the WISS spirit to the next stage – a spirit characterized not only by academic success but also by personal development based on their agentic involvement in their education and experiences at WISS and the nurturing relationships with teachers.

WISS graduates Class of 2021
WISS graduates Class of 2021

From WISS to the Right University

Graduating from the Western International School of Shanghai is not just getting a diploma. And studying at WISS is not studying for the sake of it. It means learning to become who we want to be in the future. WISS students have the opportunity to dig deep in their field of interest. Becoming a fashion designer, a professional sports manager, a sustainability leader, a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer… at WISS, we do not close doors to the dreams of our students. We open them to a world full of possibilities and exploration.

WISS University Acceptances reflect the interests and desires of our students and represent the next step towards making their dreams come true. WISS supports each student’s individual path as they leave WISS. For those entering university, it means entry into their top choice and right-fit university.

Below are the WISS University Acceptances for the Class of 2021.

WISS University Acceptances - Class of 2021
WISS University Acceptances – Class of 2021

In addition to these impressive results, this mighty cohort earned over 700,000 USD in scholarship offers from leading universities worldwide. But these are not the only scholarships WISS students received. For the past four years, WISS has awarded its University Scholarship to academically high-achieving students. This year, three students were awarded a WISS University Scholarship, with another student receiving a scholarship dedicated to supporting his university studies in Math. WISS offered a total amount of 20,000 USD in scholarships for our graduates to continue their studies. The WISS University Scholarships are part of a robust scholarship program that provides students with exceptional talent an opportunity to receive a top international education in Shanghai.

WISS graduate at the Graduation Ceremony
WISS graduate at the Graduation Ceremony

Personalized Pathways Lead to Individual Success

IBDP Coordinator, Evi Singleton, explains, “For the size of our school, we’re a unique IB school in that we offer so much choice. Students are really able to personalize their subject matter. We have over 40 different subjects that we offer, and the students select six of those. Within the parameters of the overall IB structure, the students can really personalize their program, catering to their lives beyond us. The interests of the child come first, which is lovely as a teacher, because you’re always working with passionate and dedicated students.”

WISS graduates at the Graduation Ceremony
WISS graduates at the Graduation Ceremony

When reflecting on this year’s cohort and their success, Ms. Singleton continues, “I will remember this class with fondness. Their kindness and ability to laugh in the face of the challenges these past few months have thrown their way have been truly inspiring. As they contemplate life beyond WISS, I trust they will allow their sense of humor to persist as they embrace a future full of opportunities.”

For our IBCP students, this year has been full of accomplishments as all of them will attend a University from their list of preferences. In the words of Stewart Patterson, IBCP Coordinator at WISS, “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Graduating Class of 2021 over the past few years. It has been so rewarding to watch them grow into young adults and explore their passion through the IBCP. They have overcome so much and developed strong resilience and intrinsic motivation along the way. They are a special mix of Artists, Designers, Photographers, Performers, Business people, and Sportspeople; with each one of them bringing something unique to the group that enriched the overall experience. I will miss the lively discussions, debates, and challenging conversations that took place in PPS class. I have no doubt that our IBCP graduates will go on to do great things, but more importantly, I have no doubt that they are entering into careers that will make them happy. I wish our graduates all the best and look forward to hearing from them again. I am so proud of what they have accomplished.”

Counseling Services for WISS Students

At the Western International School of Shanghai, students receive support from counselors and teachers throughout their time in Secondary school. University and Careers Counseling is provided beginning in Grade 9 and helps our students handle the range of challenges and experiences they will face in their final years of study in high school.

In addition to specific counseling meetings, WISS’s Advisory Program provides opportunities for students to discuss topics related to the university – talking about their next steps in life and reflecting on their values and priorities with the support of their Advisory teacher. These sessions give the students the time and skills needed to research universities, think about their strengths and capabilities, and write compelling and successful personal statements.

WISS responded to the challenges created by current travel restrictions engaging in many virtual University Fairs, giving students contact with representatives from prominent universities around the world. One such fair, the CIS Virtual Fair, offered presentations by the University of British Columbia and the Tokyo Chuo University.

CP students worked on university applications during the Effective Communication Theme in their Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) class. Through these lessons, students reflect on academic achievement, personal and social development, and career planning. They also get realistic simulations of interviews, create personal statements, develop their portfolios, research universities, and worked on scholarship applications, among other things.

Through all this guidance and support, WISS students acquire the skills and build confidence to move forward to the next stage of their learning journey.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! We are proud of all of your success and will make meaningful and positive contributions to the world.