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This Tiger Pride Tuesday we are featuring, Rose Singleton, a WISS student who has chosen to focus on her passion – sports, through our International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP).

Rose Singleton IB CP sports

Where are you from?

I was born in Kenya and raised in South Africa for 16 years, but my passports are French and English.

Tell me about your experience at WISS

My family arrived here a few months ago for my mom’s job and I began at WISS. WISS is a smaller community so you get to know everyone better. I enjoy CP because I learn better one-on-one and the program is very hands on and I am able to get a lot of individual attention.

Rose Singleton IB CP sports

What is CP?

CP is a career program where there are different tracks like production arts, art and design, or sports. If you know the field you want to go into then CP is the program for you. You do more things that are career focused and help you get where you want to be now. You can do internships, related courses, and personal/professional development. If you want to go into a certain area, for example sports management, then colleges will look at what you have done and learned. The courses within CP show colleges that you have already gained some knowledge in the college coursework before entering college.

Why did you choose to do CP?

I know that I want to go into something in the field of sports. I know that my passion is around sports, whether its sports events or sports media. Whatever direction I go as long as its around sports I know that I will be happy.

What has your experience been with CP?

I really like how Mr. Patterson has set out the calendar of assessments because in 11th grade we are learning all of the hard stuff and then in 12th  grade we are going to do more of the fun units. This will help because with the DP units we are taking the harder units are in 12th grade so I’m getting a more balanced schedule.I am interning with Stoke City FC Academy, a soccer program that has a partnership with the school. Once a week I will go and help with a coaching session and once a week with an office session. So I’m learning the business side and the coaching side of sports.

Rose Singleton IB CP sports

What are your career goals and do you feel CP will you help you achieve those?

I don’t want to limit myself by being too specific because CP is already quite specific if you choose a career path, but I know my field which Is sports events or media. Everything in the courses is preparing me for a career related to sports. 

What sports do you play and why are you passionate about sports?

I play volleyball and basketball and I ride horses. I have ridden since I was 6. In a few weeks I am going to Beijing to ride in a masters class. On holidays I go back to Europe and ride there.

I play basketball for the team at WISS. Sports have always been something I am interested in. It’s something fun that I have done since I was a kid. My family is also very sporty so I think I followed my older brother into volleyball.

Would you recommend  CP to other students?

Students that are passionate and know what field they want to go to should consider CP. There are a lot of students in this school that want to go into sports management or other sports programs, but haven’t taken CP courses and are now regretting that because colleges are telling them they should have taken CP. If you have no idea where you want to go then CP is not the right track for you.