WISS Today Article

If your life was a book, how would you title your Shanghai chapter? How would you chronicle your experiences and your emotions? Would it be more like a steady uphill climb or a roller coaster?

Being displaced from our comfort zones – our home countries, our family and friends, causes feelings of imbalance – we automatically try to gain a sense of identity and belonging in our foreign environment. We begin to seek connections, looking for activities and people who can restore balance in our lives.  

At WISS, providing a well-balanced education – including academics, sports, arts, music and languages – is at the heart of our student and family experience. Thus, our students can feel connected to something they love, their talents and their passions; yet, also feel the challenge to stretch themselves and grow in an area of unfamiliarity. This is core to our International Baccalaureate (IB) learning outcomes. 

Additionally, balance is not achieved in isolation. It is found in community. Balance is recognizing our interdependence with other people and the world in which we live (IB Learner Profile). “Relating what you have learned about yourself and about others, and bringing this to the greater community, to the greater world is important. The WISS community is truly engaged with one another but also the local and global community outside of our school. We want our students and families to experience contributing to the society around them,” comments Sue Morrell Stewart, Secondary Counselor at WISS.


The way your Shanghai chapter started, is not necessarily the way it will or should end. Create balance. Consider becoming more involved in your community and sharing your talents and passions with others, and be inspired for the next chapter of your life.   

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