WISS Today Article

By Vanessa Scully, Secondary English Teacher


MYP students from WISS attended the 10th annual MUNiSC (Model United Nations International Schools Consortium) in Qingdao. Delegates took part in three full days of lobbying and debate based around the theme of “Joining the Fight Against Human Trafficking”.

Representing China, Chile and Sierra Leone, they debated resolutions and attempted to come to a consensus within their committees. They experienced the injustice of other delegates “stealing” their ideas, sabotaging their resolutions and generally grandstanding. However, even for those who felt frustrated by the diplomatic process, this was a rewarding and well-run conference.

Comments from delegates:

What was the best thing about the conference?

Allison: “Being co-submitter of a resolution, which meant that I actually got to speak …”

George: “I had a lot of fun – it was something new.”

Giulia: “There was a lot of diversity and at the beginning you are scared, but as you start to meet new people and get in the swing of it, it becomes really fun.”

Emos: “This was my second conference and it really showed me how much I improved in public speaking. MUN provides a great opportunity to practice public speaking, improve interpersonal skills, address world problems and make friends!”

Martin: “The best thing? Threatening to use my veto in Security Council!”


Would you encourage other WISS students to attend next year?

Allison: “Definitely!”

George: “Absolutely. It really opens you up to a new area.”

Emos: “Yes, it’s great fun to debate and make speeches.”


What would you do differently next time?

Allison: “Talk more and do more research on other issues, not just for my resolution”

George: “Pay attention at all times. Respect other people’s efforts.”

Giulia: “I would try to be the main submitter of a resolution. I was close to doing it this time but kind of backed out a bit because I was scared.”

Emos: “I want to make more speeches!”

Martin: “Speak more, even on resolutions that don’t involve my country directly.”

Model UN is one of the many opportunities for students at WISS to ground their learning in real-life global contexts, one of the core components of an IB education.