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As part of the IB programme, WISS Grade 10 students complete the IB Personal Project as part of the Middle Years Programme. Tiger Hall bursts with creativity and talent thanks to our students’ work.

Personal Project Exhibition at WISS

Personal Project – an IB Project Based on the Student’s Interests

The IB MYP Personal Project is an individual research project which represents students’ interests in any topic. Students are required to do the projects by firstly doing in-depth research on a topic, then analyzing it, adding their point of view, and finally presenting it. Through Personal Project, the students become the experts on a topic and teach us by presenting it to us through any kind of expression of their choice: a video, a script, a website, etc…

One of the aims that IB Personal Project is to encourage students to participate in a sustained, self-directed inquiry within a global context. The MYP Personal Project is a long project which demonstrates the skills that students acquire during their Middle Years Programme since Grade 6. It’s a good opportunity to value our students´ talent and prepare them for future research projects.

Personal Project Exhibition at WISS

The IB Middle Years Personal Project includes a process journal where each student reflects on their learning process. They document and describe the phases they went through and how they got to the final stage of the project. They also talk about the difficulties and problems that they encountered along the way. Students work on their own, supervised by a tutor who helps them at different stages of the project.

Personal Project Exhibition at WISS

A total of 31 pieces of work were presented and students had the opportunity to explain to parents, teachers, and other students the reasons they decided to create that particular project and to answer questions.

Shark fin? Human?: Nicole researched the effects of the shark fin trade in order to produce a painting illustrating the relationship between human interference and the extinction of sharks in our local community.

1–Act Play about Qiu Jin: Oceania wanted to explore Qiu Jin’s life, a feminist and a revolutionary who lived at the turn of the 20th century.

Drug Awareness Video: A project by Nicolas to raise awareness about drug consumption in his informative video.

Drinking Water Measurement: Gur wants to make sure that people drink enough water. His goal is to make a water bag device that can measure how much water we drink on a daily basis.

A New Jacket for WISS: Angel designed a new cool jacket for WISS choosing the proper materials to make a comfortable and a modern jacket for our students.

IB Personal Project “A New Jacket for WISS”

Emoji Stickers for Messenger: See Hyun’s project created a series of emoji stickers that would be possible to sell via the mobile messenger application.

Training and Nutrition Plan for Triathletes: Triathletes have to be fit. That’s why Shai created this nutrition plan to help athletes understand the intake of proteins and calories that they need in a day.

Arduino Robotic Arm: Robotics had its place during the exhibition thanks to Wai Lik’s project which consists of designing software, through a program called Arduino, to control a miniature model of a robotic grabber arm, aiming to apply this technology to impact the daily lives of disabled people.

Playwriting: Madison wrote a script and created a video of the play that she also directed, produced, and acted in. 

Japanese League Website: Kazutaka focused on football for his project. His goal was to inform people and raise awareness of the Japanese Football League.

Sailing Guide: Shing Yu shared his knowledge and understanding of sailing and its contributions to society.

Recipe Book: Ignacio is worried about what we eat. He created a recipe book that includes the nutritional value of various foods and also explains the chemical reactions that occur when we cook. 

Sleep, Dream: Hong In researched animation techniques, dream interpretations, and how fear works. She created a short 2D digital animation for the teen audience that tells a story of someone falling asleep and dreaming.

Electric Car: Christian created a marketing plan for a car that would compete with the Tesla Model S.

Donation to SHH- Shanghai Healing Home: Bo Syuan who loves cooking raised money for orphans by cooking different dishes and inviting people to taste them and donate some money if they liked them.

Differences of Women’s Role in Korea: Sehee created a project which analyzes the change of women’s role in Korean elementary school textbooks across different time periods.

Positive Psychology: Julietta’s project focused on creating a website for secondary teachers, using the principles of positive psychology in order to minimize the risk of depression in students in later years.

Shanghai and Israel Matching Game: Noam highlighted Chinese and Israeli culture by creating a memory card and a website using her photography skills. 

IB Personal Project “Shanghai and Israel Matching Game”

Constellations: Audrey researched the stories about constellations from three cultures and created a blog for young astronomy enthusiasts.

Cardistry: Charles informed us about Cardistry, how it was found and why it’s popular today. He even performed some cardistry himself for attendees.

Tattoo: Chu Cheng created a booklet educating people about tattoos in an effort to decrease prejudiced against people with tattoos.

Workout Method: Marina created a workout method to lose at least 2.5% of her body fat.

IB Personal Project “Workout Method”

Heidi: Sum In transformed the childhood classic,  Heidi into a modern graphic novel. Take a look here.

Coral and the Environment: Uxue searched for information about coral and the impact environmental issues have on them. She created a coral farm in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of coral for people of all ages.

Thai Dictionary: Sae wanted to help tourists who want to visit Thailand. She created a website with a Thai dictionary and translator. Very useful for those who want to visit the country.

Nutrition Guide for Teenage Footballers: Zach designed a plan for footballers to get on track with a healthy lifestyle to support each training. The plan also included healthy recipes.

Injury Prevention Plan for Athletes: Zein created an injury prevention plan for all types of athletes focused on every aspect of the body in order to strengthen every muscle in the participant’s body evenly. Find out more on the website.

Multifunctional Laptop Cooler: Sebastian built a Multi-Functional Laptop Cooler that can fit most standard 14-inch laptops.

Shanghai Cinematic Video: Robbie created a stunning video of Shanghai which tells a story of the city.

Constitution: Yuezhi wrote a constitution for an imaginary country researching different constitutions and government systems.

Whales and Dolphins: Fan created a website about dolphins and whales to encourage conservation.

Furever Friends”: Elena loves animals, so she created a mobile application built on WeChat that helps Shanghai residents adopt a dog or a cat.

IB Personal Project “Furever Friends”
“Furever Friends”