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Speak Up! Model United Nations Qingdao By Vanessa Scully, Secondary English Teacher   MYP students from WISS attended the 10th annual MUNiSC (Model United Nations... 10 Apr 2018
WISS Robotics at VEX-IQ Robotics National Invitations WISS Robotics Team had the unique opportunity to participate in the first VEX-IQ Robotics National Invitations held in Wuhan... 10 Apr 2018
WISS’s IB Programme is highlighted in Smart Shanghai.   Read the article     02 Feb 2018
Reading for the World Reading not only changes lives, but it SAVES lives. “With socio-economic disparities increasing and global crises over food,... 09 Jan 2018
Creating a Kinder, Gentler World Through Reading “Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion,... 06 Dec 2017
What Are We Educating For?   By Maria English, Marketing Officer and WISS parent   When I heard that I had the opportunity to  talk about... 04 Dec 2017
Be in the Balance Try getting on a unicycle and the surest thing is that you are going to fall off.  “It takes 20 hours of practice to stay... 15 Nov 2017
The Value of an IB Education -Inspiring Minds to Shape the Future Join us on Saturday November 4th at the Little Star Fair located at THE PLACE in Hongqiao (虹桥南丰城). IB educators from WISS will... 03 Nov 2017
The Title for Your Shanghai Chapter If your life was a book, how would you title your Shanghai chapter? How would you chronicle your experiences and your emotions?... 10 Oct 2017
What’s Your Migration Story?   The beginning of a PYP Unit of Inquiry starts with a provocation–a set of circumstances which invite students to... 18 Sep 2017
Acronyms used at WISS!     What does it all mean? Here is a list of acronyms you may come across at WISS.   IB : International... 30 Aug 2017
Learning through Community By Keiko Ishii, Japanese Teacher   The Japanese community has started “Japanese Community Learning Support Activity” as a... 22 Jun 2017