WISS Today Article

By Keiko Ishii, Japanese Teacher


The Japanese community has started “Japanese Community Learning Support Activity” as a Community Service and CAS (for DP Students) starting last December.  The project is supported by Ms. Keiko Ishii, Japanese teacher, Japanese community parents and Primary Office assistant, Ms. Sherry.

Eleven Secondary School students are assisting 15 Early Year students and Primary School students with Japanese Language Learning Support, as well as supporting their English writing skills. This Learning Support activity occurred one time per week until the end of the school year. The main contents of support are to support Japanese by exchanging journals which were written in Japanese or English.

The Early Year and Primary School students bring their own academic folder that contains their Journal notebook or worksheets every Monday. The activity folders were prepared by the Japanese Community parents. The Secondary School students pick up their assigned partner’s folder from the Primary school office and gave comments or corrected students’ worksheets and returned their folders every Thursday. The Early Year and Primary School students  receive activity learning points for each activity and were certified for every ten times of activity participation!

EY and Primary School Students brought their academic folder back to their home every Thursday. They work on their worksheets or journals during the weekend and bring the folder back to school on the following Monday to school again.

Once the Secondary Students have collected their partner’s folder, they will correct and give advice which are photocopied afterwards. Then, the Secondary students will write a reflection on their process. They will reflect on what they have done through their activity, what they could have improved for next time, which IB learner profile was demonstrated, and what kind of IB learner they want to demonstrate next time.

The Secondary School students will then submit the process journal to Ms. Ishii and she confirms them every time. This means that Ms.Ishii has monitored every Secondary school students’ correction and advice to their partner, and their commitment toward their action or activity. Throughout this activity, many Japanese community students have learned many things and developed as an IB learner.

Some students comments;

Grade 1 Riou said,” I had journal exchange in Japanese with Yuki (G9), and it was so fun! I am so happy to receive activity points for Activity Award! “  This shows  Riou as a ‘Communicator’.

Early Years Ri said ,”I wrote letters to Yuki (G9) and  I was so glad to receive the advices from her!”  This shows Ri  becoming more ‘Open-minded’.

Grade 3 Miyu said,” I have enjoyed Japanese learning support Activity. I especially liked to have a partner; Rita(G7) to communicate by exchanging diaries. I have also learned how to write proper Japanese characters with right stroke orders and to express my feeling through Japanese. I felt happy and more confident for what I have learned during this years’ Japanese learning support activity.” This is evidence of Miyu becoming more ‘Knowledgeable’.

Secondary students also expressed how they have grown and what they have learned working with younger children.

Grade 8 Lisa said,” I have been working with Yuto(KG) for the past 6 months. At the beginning, I thought it would be easy for me to edit his diary, but as I continued I realized that it was not so easy than I expected to be. I would sometimes have to either research or ask my teacher to make sure I was correct with my editing. The biggest challenge I have faced was writing comments and feedbacks for Yuto. From this experience, I have learnt that some things are not as easy as it seems but you must try and keep going. In the IB learner, I think I was ”Caring”, because I was always thinking about the student’s feelings when editing and not make too much corrections at once.”

G8 Kazutaka said, “I enjoyed grading the workbook and giving comment on the journal, because it is very nice to see how Kai(G1) is improving his writing and communicating skills in Japanese. I can also discover some things that I had never known. Through this activity, I felt connected to the IB Learner Profile, Caring. Because for small kids, you should be kind and try not to make the activity boring.”

Thank you to all our participants and for making Community Service and CAS of The WISS Japanese community a successful project!






Secondary School Students;

G6  Wakana IWASE





G11 Maika MIURA, Mio KAWAI







EY & Primary School Students ;


G1- Hugo CHOUTEAU, Ryotaro IDE, Ryoto MATSUMOTO, Riou SHIMIZU,  Kai Charlie Jones


G3- Soushi MORI, Ayumi NISHIJIMA, Miyu Amy Jones

G4- Haruka KAWAI