WISS Today Article

The class of 2021, after making their mark on our school, is on their way to making their mark on the world. We have a phrase at WISS, “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger,” and we truly believe that our students take the learning, growth, and spirit they experienced at WISS into the world.

One of the things that makes us incredibly proud of this graduating class is their IB performance. With 100% of our students participating in IB programmes, it’s safe to say that IB has been an integral part of their learning journey.

IB Results WISS Class of 2021

While our students and graduates are much more than test scores, with a 100% IBCP success rate and a 94% IBDP success rate, we are extremely proud of how well they performed! We aren’t the only ones impressed. Universities have been blown away by their performance as well, offering over $700,000 in scholarships to this class of 27 students.

Education at WISS is personalized for each student, and so is how we measure success. We celebrate all of our graduates – the IBDP graduates who earned a bilingual diploma, the IBCP Sports students who earned Distinction, and the IBCP SCAD students who earned high marks in challenging university classes. The entire WISS community works together to support all students so they can follow their passion. As a result, not only have our graduates been accepted to top-ranked universities globally, more than 90% of WISS graduates from the Class of 2021 will be attending their first-choice university. And we have no doubt that they will continue making their dreams a reality.

WISS University Acceptances Class of 2021

We know that our students’ success in the world is far more than just a score, and we feel confident that our balanced, flexible, and personalized curriculum has prepared them for the road ahead. We look forward to seeing where each and every WISS graduate ends up and following their story as it unfolds. Once a WISS Tiger, always a WISS Tiger.