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Join us on Saturday November 4th at the Little Star Fair located at THE PLACE in Hongqiao (虹桥南丰城). IB educators from WISS will share about the values of the IB as they are expressed through the core values of our school.


10:30 AM I Child Focused
English Language Acquisition – scaffolding new language learning

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By Lisa Ellery, PYP Primary Deputy Principal

11:00am I Child Focused
Goodbye Mom and Dad!  A Healthy Approach to separating with parents on the first days of school. 

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By Sharon Yang, Early Years Lead Chinese Teacher

11:30am I Compassionate Spirit
Sparking the flame of compassion. How can we teach young children about compassion? What does compassion look like in the Early Years?

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By Lisa Kane, Early Years Deputy Principal and Nursery Teacher

12:30am I Diversity Driven
Feeding 54 Nations:  WISS Catering approach to providing balanced nutrition to an international community (food tasting included)

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By Garrison Wang, WISS Catering

1:30PM I Diversity Driven
International Mindedness- what is it and why we all need it

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By Doreen Garrigan, PYP Primary Years Principal

2:30PM I Balanced Curriculum
Teaching the whole child-why balance is the essential to an authentic learning experience

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By Amy Kent, IB PYP Coordinator

3:30PM I Future-Orientated
How the IB develops learners for university and beyond

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Chris Wilcox, Secondary Deputy Principal and College Counselor