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Four IB Programmes -Countless Pathways to Success The class of 2021, after making their mark on our school, is on their way to making their mark on the world. We have a phrase at... 01 Sep 2021
WISS Graduates Earn Impressive University Scholarship Offers Grade 12 students have completed their time at WISS with 27 different stories. All of them together, and each one in their own... 16 Jul 2021
PYP Exhibition – How Grade 5 Students are Challenged to Think Globally Grade 5 leaves its mark on WISS students. Firstly, it is the last year of Primary, and it represents the leap towards the Middle... 24 Jun 2021
WISS and Fudan University – Teaching Chinese Culture Through Language WISS signed a collaborative agreement with the International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University, the Qing Pu... 13 May 2021
Learning Through Loose Parts Play Inspiring Minds Series When talking about Loose Parts Play, it’s important to understand that there are no rules and no... 07 May 2021
Aeronautics IBCP Pathway: The Sky is the Limit at WISS The Aeronautics, Engineering, and Aviation Business pathway is a groundbreaking opportunity for students interested in aviation,... 07 Apr 2021
Making-Reality-a-Reality-at--WISS Making Virtual Reality a Reality at WISS: A Project of Collaboration and Technology When Grade 3 teacher Nadya Faqir decided to implement virtual reality in her 3rd grade classroom, she knew she might run into... 04 Feb 2021
Why the IB Programmes Are a Quality Choice for Your Child The choices we make as parents can have lasting effects on our children. The decision of which kind of education we want for our... 08 Jul 2020
Chloe, a Rising Star in the Game Design Field: Tiger Pride Tuesday Can you imagine an educational program that allows you to pursue your passions and helps you reach your goals? Chloe doesn’t... 09 Jun 2020
Continuing Education During Coronavirus Outbreak | How the Western International School in Shanghai Is Prioritizing Safety Without Sacrificing Education Through E-Learning What happens when students are unable to return to campus amidst a viral outbreak? At the Western International School of... 08 Feb 2020
IB Programmes at WISS: Educating With Inquiry IB Programmes at WISS: Educating With Inquiry As parents, our daily life is full of decisions. We are continually thinking about our kids and their well-being, at times... 03 Oct 2019
WISS Scholarships WISS Scholarship Programs The Western International School of Shanghai is one of the few International Schools in Shanghai that offer scholarships for... 22 Jul 2019