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PYPX | WISS Primary Students Thinking out of the Box The IB Primary Years Programme Exhibition (PYPX) is a significant event in the life of PYP students, being one of the biggest... 27 May 2022
Meet the WISS 2022 Scholarship Recipients The Western International School of Shanghai recently released information on the scholarship awards extended to recognize our... 25 May 2022
WISS Launches Distinguished 1 Million RMB Merit Scholarship The Western International School of Shanghai is pleased to announce the launch of its distinguished merit-based De-Zhi-Ti... 12 May 2022
The WISS Distinguished Chinese Language Program for all Ages Chinese Language Day is celebrated every year on April 2Oth to commemorate one of the world’s major languages. The Chinese... 20 Apr 2022
WISS Students Explore Poetry with Renowned Poets This past week, WISS students and teachers celebrated World Poetry Day. Poetry is considered the most passionate form of writing... 25 Mar 2022
WISS Students Take Action to Help End Modern Slavery | #MyFreedomDay Sometimes the power of a hashtag can cross borders and mobilize thousands of people. #MyFreedomDay an initiative supported by... 18 Mar 2022
WISS Students Apply Critical-Thinking to Real-World Problems At WISS, we believe that problem–based learning inspires students to become true IB learners. This approach to teaching and... 09 Mar 2022
Tips for a Successful Scholarship Application Have you ever wondered what the scholarship committee awarding the scholarship wants to see?  Earning a scholarship is an... 06 Feb 2022
WISS Parent Workshop: Exploring Conceptual Understanding in Math It is commonly believed that you are either good or bad at Math. There is no in-between. At WISS, we prefer to say that Math is... 14 Jan 2022
WISS Kindergarten Students in the Spotlight As part of their Units of Inquiry, kindergartners at WISS explored the wonderful world of Sound and Light Their journey of... 05 Jan 2022
Critical Thinking, Creativity and Research Produce Great Results at WISS G10 Personal Project Exhibition Inquiry, action, and reflection best describes the work of WISS Grade 10 students as they spent the last few... 16 Dec 2021
Four IB Programmes -Countless Pathways to Success The class of 2021, after making their mark on our school, is on their way to making their mark on the world. We have a phrase at... 01 Sep 2021