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Foreign teachers remain optimistic amid epidemic

(Kankan Knews)
21 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: what are settings doing about it?

(Nursery World)
17 Feb 2020

When great minds come together, ideas come to life

11 Oct 2019

WISS Scholarship-大陆首家全IB课程国际学校,为学生提供IBDP全额奖学金 (Jingkids WeChat)

23 Apr 2019

One Important Thing for Choosing an International School (SHF WeChat)

22 Apr 2019

WISS Scholarship for IB Diploma Programme (UF WeChat)

16 Apr 2019

WISS Scholarship for IB Diploma Programme (SHF WeChat)

15 Apr 2019

University Acceptances (BUND Education WeChat)

26 Mar 2019

WISS CP (Jingkids WeChat)

25 Feb 2019

WISS Saturday School Program (UF Website)

15 Feb 2019

Preparing Our Next Generation of Leaders (UF Website)

28 Jan 2019

Shape the future (BUND Education WeChat)

28 Jan 2019

International Baccalaureate: Educating global citizens

22 Oct 2018

Shaping the Future (UF Website)

21 Sep 2018

International Baccalaureate: Opening doors to leading universities

10 Sep 2018

以儿童为中心,面向未来 (Jingkids WeChat)

06 Dec 2018

IBCP at Western International School of Shanghai (SH Family WeChat)

20 Dec 2018

Shaping the Future (SH Family WeChat)

30 Oct 2018

Governor Peter Shumlin Thinks Student Travel Trumps All

15 Mar 2018

21st Century Skills: The Future of Learning is Now

13 Apr 2018

A Visit From His Royal Highness, The Earl of Wessex

12 Jun 2018

Shanghai Schools Tell us About Settling into the Year Ahead – WISS

10 Sep 2018

Prince Edward presents Gold Awards to youngsters in Shanghai (SHINE.CN)

09 Jun 2018

PCV (Jingkids Wechat)

19 Mar 2018

PCV (Jingkdis Website)

20 Mar 2018

The Future of Learning is Now (Smart Shanghai)

15 Apr 2018

What are we Educating for? (Jingkids website)

25 Jan 2018

WISS Family featured on Jingkids magazine & Website

16 Jun 2018

Latest buzzwords: STEAM and STEM (Shine)

02 Nov 2017

Charity at the Western International School of Shanghai

26 Feb 2016

At WISS, students learn that we share the planet’s resources (Shanghai Daily)

26 Apr 2016

Stoke City's Soccer Summer Camp Organiser Angela Smith

30 Jul 2014

Tune in for Emmy winner Altman(shanghai daily)

28 Nov 2012

WISS students shine in Eco Design Fair(shanghai daily)

21 Apr 2010