secondary team

Myles D’Airelle Secondary Principal / IBDP Mathematics Examiner
Mr. D’Airelle was born in Leeds in the United Kingdom and has been teaching internationally since 1998 in Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine and Germany. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree and Master’s degree at Aberdeen University, and holds a second Master’s degree in Education from Framingham University. Mr. D’Airelle has worked across the whole IB continuum, having been a PYP, MYP and Diploma teacher, and has experienced first hand how students grow in a hands-on, inquiry-based learning community. Having been an Environments Leader for the MYP, Mr. D’Airelle has a deep commitment to sustainability and loves to lead students as they explore the natural world around them.


Edwige Singleton
Diploma Programme Coordinator

Ms. Edwige Singleton is from France but has spent the last twenty years living on the East coast of Africa. Edwige has a Master Degree in Education and a Certificate in International School Leadership. Edwige has spent the past fourteen years in Johannesburg, South Africa, teaching French whilst leading various cohorts to graduation. Her hobbies include a keen interest in the arts as well as a love for travel. Edwige, together with her husband Steve and their daughter Rose, is excited to embrace a new culture and is delighted to be part of the WISS community.



Stewart Paterson
Career-related Programme Coordinator

Mr. Stewart Paterson is from central Scotland. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Sports Studies, Professional Education and Physical Education at the University of Stirling. Stewart started coaching sport at the age of 16 and spent many of his summer months during university coaching a variety of sports in New York. Stewart is deeply passionate about the role sport can play in pupils life’s and he enjoys working with pupils to improve their leadership skills and confidence. Stewart likes to believe he is a good all-rounder and he particularly enjoys football, badminton and volleyball.


science  department

Alba Ortega Sciences and Biology Teacher
Ms. Alba Ortega is originally from Barcelona, Spain. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and she also has a Master’s Degree in Education. She taught Science and Math in high school for 8 years. She moved to Shanghai about 2 years ago with her family and she is enjoying a lot all the opportunities that this city brings to us. She is passionate about psychology and self-knowledge and that is why in her free time she is studying Psychology. Mr. Ortega loves nature and mountains. Her hobbies are practicing yoga, travelling and discovering new places and cultures. Ms Ortega is proud and happy to be part of WISS team.


Terri Mosher_bio

Terri Mosher
Sciences Teacher

Ms. Terri Mosher was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. She earned her Bachelor of Science specializing in Biology and Chemistry, as well as a second Bachelor’s degree in Education from Acadia University in Nova Scotia. In 2006, she moved with her family to Dalian in the north of China where she taught high school Math, Biology, and Chemistry at a Canadian School. Her husband and three daughters, Ireland, Cierra and Trinity, are proud to be a part of the WISS family, and Terri is very excited to engage her students in the wonders of Science.


Joanna Cha Sciences and Chemistry Teacher
Ms. Joanna Cha is from Canada but has spent the last three years teaching in England and China. Joanna has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry and Biology, a Bachelor’s of Education specializing in Biology and Chemistry both from the University of Toronto. She also has additional teaching qualifications in Math and Music. Joanna loves to travel around the world, read, cook, and listen to music. She enjoys and feels passionate about building up a conceptual understanding of chemistry with her students, and is very excited to help her students become lifelong learners.
Sherry Ye

Sherry Ye

Sherry Ye graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technology with a Bachelor degree in Applied Chemistry and holds teaching certificate for high school chemistry. She has been working in international schools as lab assistant for over 6 years and is always eager to expand her personal and professional development. In her spare time, she likes travelling, reading and listening music. She is excited to be part of the WISS community.


John Slack Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) / Science Teacher
John Slack hails from the sunny shores of Lake Erie, in gorgeous Cleveland Ohio. Over the past 15 years, He has lived and taught science in many exciting places including New York City, Xiamen, Peru and Qatar. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Masters degree in Education. John is married into the Chinese culture as his wife Wendy is native born Chinese, and hails from the Anhui province. Together, John and Wendy have two children attending WISS, their son Johnny and daughter Ava. Finally, John enjoys reading, learning Mandarin and the adventure that an expat life brings.


Nathaniel Wilson Sciences and Physics Teacher
Mr. Nathaniel Wilson is from Cape Town, South Africa, and has been teaching since 2006. Moving abroad in 2008 initially to work as teacher in South Korea, and he relocated to China. Nathaniel holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, awarded in 2005 while conducting neuroscience research in a clinical setting, along with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham, awarded in 2020. Before his teaching career Nathaniel spent a decade in the domains of postgraduate healthcare research and medical education. Nathaniel has been living in Shanghai since the 2009 working as a science teacher in IB, AP or A-level programmes. Other than furthering his skills in leadership, data science and computer programming, Nathaniel particularly enjoys a wide range of thoughtful discussions on topics that matter, and also keenly participates in activities that are good for supporting mental and physical health, e.g. jogging, swimming, yoga and reading, as well as playing piano, board games, football or anything involving a spherical object being hit with either a bat, racket or stick to achieve perfect projectile motion. Nathaniel spends his off-campus time with his wife and their dog, Boo.


languages  department

Claudia Romeo Spanish Language Teacher / IBDP Spanish Examiner
Ms. Claudia Romeo is from Argentina, where she has been a teacher for 20 years. She has taught History to exchange students at a private University in Buenos Aires for 12 years, and during the past 8 years she has been teaching IB Spanish and French, both as Language Acquisition, IB Spanish Language and Literature and Social Studies in an International School in Buenos Aires. Ms. Romeo holds Bachelor´s degrees both in International Relations as well as in Political Science, and is currently undertaking a Masters in Education from SUNY University. Her hobbies include cooking, yoga, and writing short stories for children.
Colin Mosher Head of Language Acquisition / English Teacher / CAS Coordinator
Mr.Colin Mosher is from Nova Scotia, Canada. He received his BA from Acadia University and furthered his studies by becoming certified in teaching EAL. In 2006, Colin and his wife Terri along with their children moved to Dalian, China where they lived and taught for 5 years. In 2011, Colin joined the WISS community in Secondary as an EAL teacher. Colin is very passionate about providing language support to students in need and very much happy to be a part of the WISS family.
David Equidazu Vega
David Eguidazu Vega Spanish Language Teacher
Mr. David Eguidazu Vega is from Asturias, Spain, where he completed his Master’s Degree in Biology. After finishing his studies, he moved to England where he discovered his passion for teaching and gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Canterbury Christ Church University. Mr. Vega has been working for more than five years in the UK, in both, adult and child education, before moving to Shanghai with his wife. Mr. Vega speaks four languages and loves traveling, reading historical fiction books and playing football. He is excited to be part of the WISS community.
Dingxiang Wu Chinese Language Teacher
Dingxiang Wu
Helen Osterloh German Language Teacher
Mrs Helen Osterloh Yetis is from East Germany and spent her last years in different cities in Albania and Turkey. Helen has finished her Masters Degree in Education, Psychology and German. Helen taught for 6 years at different Universities before she found her real place in international school environments. Next to teaching Helen loves to run and explore new languages and cultures. Now she is very happy and excited to join the WISS community.
Huihui Lai Chinese Language Teacher
Huihui Lai grew up in Shanxi Province. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Lüliang College, and a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from Beijing Language and Culture University. While pursuing her Master’s degree, she spent two years teaching Mandarin at an Elementary school Georgia, U.S.A. as part of her educational and professional development. Outside her profession, HuiHui enjoys reading books about literature and educational development, exploring the outdoors, and international travel. She is excited to be a part of the WISS community.
Hyejin Lee Korean Language Teacher
Ms. Hyejin Lee is from Seoul, Korea. Prior to WISS, she taught at a university in Korea and international schools in Thailand and Brazil. Ms. Lee has a BA in Korean language and literature from Sangmyung University, an MA in Education in language from Yonsei University, and an MS in Multidisciplinary studies from SUNY Buffalo State. She believes in the power of education to transform one’s mindset, regardless of age, ethnicity, class, or gender. Ms. Lee loves doing yoga and pilates, traveling, listening to music and reading. She is pleased to be a part of WISS and open to exploring Chinese culture.
Jiawei Wang Chinese Language Teacher
Jiawei Wang, born in Heilongjiang, and received her B.A. in English from Mudanjiang Normal University and M.A. in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages from Beijing Language and Culture University. She taught Chinese at North China Electric Power University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Tsinghua University. Before joining WISS, she was an editor working on Chinese teaching materials including IB Chinese textbooks for Chinese learners in Joint Publishing (H.K.). A life-long learner, she brings her passion and commitment for working with students and the skills to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that a diverse student body brings.
Johnetta Starks English Language Teacher
Johnetta Starks graduated from the University of South Florida where she received a B.A. in Education. She has experience teaching English Language Arts at the primary and secondary levels in the state of Georgia. She earned her Master’s Degree in Literacy at Walden University. Before joining the WISS community, she worked in leadership to initiate the implementation of Personalized Learning through an inquiry-based approach with-in her school district. She believes that all students possess unique gifts and talents that are encouraged through creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical-thinking. She is excited to nurture the future leaders and innovators at WISS.
Joyce Zhou
Joyce Zhou Lead Chinese Language Teacher
Joyce Zhou received her B.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from East China Normal University. After graduation, she spent three years teaching Chinese and studying in various places, including Shanghai, England and HK. In 2014, she earned her Master’s Degree at the University of Hong Kong. Before she joined WISS, she worked as an IB Chinese teacher in HK and Shenyang. Joyce is pleased to be part of the WISS community and she enjoys helping each student to know more about the language and Chinese culture.

Leonard Stanley
Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Mr. Stanley is from Washington DC and received his BA in Communications from Howard University. Leonard began working with children at age 18 and has since worked with students from all over the world in Washington DC, Xian, and Shanghai before coming to WISS. Also a parent at WISS, Leonard is enthusiastic about being able to have a positive contribution to the WISS community by providing language support to those in need. Mr. Stanley looks forward to receiving as much from the students as he gives as he is a firm believer in the reciprocal nature of teaching.


Marta Frasquier Estelle Spanish Language Teacher
Ms. Frasquier is from Barcelona, Spain. She has received a Bachelor of Translating and Interpreting English, French, Spanish and Catalan and a Master in Teaching at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Prior to coming to China, she lived for four years in Nebraska where she taught French and Spanish for native and non-native speakers. She is in Shanghai with her husband who works as a chef in a restaurant in the French Concession. Before coming to WISS, she worked at Hangzhou International School as a long term substitute for French and Spanish. Ms. Frasquier is very passionate about teaching Spanish and is excited to be part of the WISS community.
Michael McGrath English Language Teacher
Mr. Michael McGrath is from Ireland and is delighted to be a part of WISS. He has spent the last sixteen years living in various countries, including China, and South Korea. Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in English and History and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Michael has worked in a number of universities, public high schools and International schools in China. Michael is joined in Shanghai by his wife Michelle and his daughter, Lulu, is a student at the school. His hobbies include playing squash and football, reading about Chinese history, and exploring the foods and cultures of as many places as possible. He enjoys engaging with students in their exploration of the world and its literature.
Rosalinda Carvalho
Rosalinda Lima English Language Teacher
Ms. Rosalinda Lima is Portuguese and first graduated from the University of Minho in International Relations Economics and Politics. She worked in accountancy until she decided to pursue her teaching passion. Rosalinda got her degree in Education and a Postgraduate in Special Education. Later she got her Master in Science of Culture Specialization in Children’s Literature at University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. Rosalinda has taught Portuguese and English in Portugal and has worked in Angola across the three IB programmes as a Language and Literature teacher. She enjoys exploring creative writing with her students. Rosalinda has published several children’s books in Angola.
Shichun Liu Chinese Language Teacher

Shichun Liu, born in Heilongjiang, spent 7 years in Beijing, gained her Bachelor degree in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages from China Women's University and Master degree in teaching Chinese to Speakers of other languages from Beijing Language and Culture University.

She taught Chinese languages at the Beijing Language and Culture University and Qinghua University. She was teaching 3rd graders, 6th and 7th graders in a Chinese immersion school in South Carolina, USA before she came back China. She enjoys teaching as a Chinese Language teacher and loves working with students exploring Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Vanessa Ness Head of Language and Literature / English Language Teacher
Ms Vanessa Ness is originally from Wales but has spent time teaching English as a foreign language in Greece and Taiwan.  More recently she spent the last five years teaching English Literature and Language in an inner city London secondary school.  Vanessa has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Master’s degree in English Education.  Vanessa is now part of the WISS community along with her son Max.  Her hobbies include reading, travelling and personal development.  She enjoys discussing literature with children and being part of the creative process literature can inspire in us all.

Maths Department

James De Luna Maths Teacher
Mr. James De Luna is from Florida in America. James has a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle School Education with concentrations in English and Mathematics. He worked in a middle school for six years before moving to Shanghai in 2016 where he worked at a training centre with a strong focus on EAL learners. He is very excited to be back in the classroom at WISS! James’ hobbies include traveling, singing, watching movies, and anything to do with Disney especially visiting the Disneyland park. As an educator, James believes students should be taught lifelong skills that will help them succeed in the world in which they live.
Ju Hee Kim Head of Maths / Maths Teacher
Ms. Ju Hee Kim was born in Korea. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and gained a Master’s degree in Mathematical Education in 2008. Since then she has taught mathematics in the Philippines, Korea and China. She is excited to be a part of WISS and brings positive passion for teaching mathematics and to enjoy her journey in Shanghai
Peter Grimwood Maths Teacher
Mr Peter Grimwood is from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. He has 20 years of experience teaching in England, Thailand and New Zealand. Peter holds a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Education from Massey University, NZ. Peter has middle management experience as a House Leader and Assessment and Curriculum Leader. He is an experienced rugby coach and enthusiastic All Blacks supporter. Peter enjoys travelling, cycling and swimming. Peter and his wife Kiri, and their three boys are excited to be a part of the WISS community.
Piotr Obidzinski Maths Teacher
Mr. Piotr Obidzinski comes from Poland, where he studied and obtained a master’s degree in mathematics with specialty of applications and teaching. For a dozen years, Peter worked as a research scientist and taught mathematics subjects for economists at the University of Szczecin and at the same time, he also worked in several international schools in Poland with the IB program, teaching mathematics. He is excited to be a part of the WISS community. His goal is to share with students his passion for mathematics and to support students on their own path of inquiring exploration. His hobbies include an interest in sport activity, playing guitar and traveling around Asia as often as possible.

Individuals and Societies  Department

Curt Farnham Head of Humanities / Humanities / History Teacher
Curt Farnham is originally from Ottawa, Canada. Curt received his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, and his Bachelor of Education from Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Quebec. His educational career has seen him teaching in Canada, Australia, the US and Asia. Before joining the WISS family as an English and Humanities teacher, he worked for the last five years at a private school in Taipei. Curt is excited to be teaching in a programme that provides the highest standard of education and personal growth to students
Jeannine Laurens Humanities / Geography Teacher
Mrs. Jeannine Laurens is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands; but has lived in different countries including Northern Ireland, Australia and the Philippines. She has been teaching Geography for more than 13 years. Jeannine has a Masters degree in Human Geography and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. She loves to travel the world and is passionate about running. Furthermore, she enjoys giving bootcamp and running training to students. Jeannine is very compassionate as she runs a foundation which supports impoverished children in the Philippines. She has moved to Shanghai with her husband Frank. Her son Noah and daughter Lucy are both students of the school.
Mark Klingbeil Humanities / Economics Teacher
Mr. Mark Klingbeil is from America, but has had the pleasure of living in China for the past six years, in Chengdu, Suzhou, and Shanghai. Mark has been a teacher for over twenty years in both America and China and is experienced in a variety of curriculums. He has an undergraduate degree from Sam Houston State University in Social Science Composite with a Teaching emphasis as well as a Master’s Degree in Economics from Cleveland State University. Mark has moved to the area with his wife and daughter, who will be attending WISS as a student. His hobbies include: scuba diving, kayaking, electric football, playing the guitar, and learning about new places and new cultures. Mark enjoys working with young people in the Humanities to help them understand themselves and the world around them in a more nuanced manner.
Kelsey Gibb Humanities / Business Teacher
Miss Kelsey Gibb is from Falkirk in central Scotland.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Studies and Professional Education from the University of Stirling in 2013.  After teaching in Scotland for 5 years, Kelsey decided to take the leap in to international teaching and is very happy to be a part of the WISS staff as a humanities teacher.  She enjoys visiting a variety of countries and learning about different cultures so she is happy to be a part of the international Shanghai community.  Her hobbies include socialising with friends, fitness and hill walking.

The Arts Department

Al McDowall Media and Film Teacher / Theatre Manager
Al McDowall is delighted to be working in the performing arts team, bringing with him over fifteen years’ experience of technical theatre in the UK.  He has worked in almost every area of production, from lights and sound to set construction and even performing on occasion. He is excited to be working with the theatre manager in all the productions and events we host here at WISS.
Eva Li Visual Arts Assistant
Ms. Eva is originally from Gansu and has been working at WISS since 2006. She’s happy to support the busy Art Department and has been consistently devoted to making all our students creative artwork visible within the school and outside the school in local galleries or exhibition center throughout Shanghai.

Jacqueline Mirtic
Music Teacher / PP Coordinator

Jacqueline Mirtic is from Richmond Hill, Canada and is passionate about teaching and traveling abroad. She holds a Concurrent Bachelor of Music degree and Bachelor of Education degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Jacqueline is a saxophonist and loves to perform in symphonic bands, jazz ensembles, and choirs. She has taught MYP Music since 2011, and loves working within the IB programme. She previously taught Vocal Music and was the Choir Director at AIS Kuwait for 3 years. Most recently, she taught Instrumental Music and was the Band Director at LCIS in the Bahamas for 3 years. Jacqueline is excited to be a part of the WISS team and continues to enjoy her hobbies of music and travel in and around Shanghai.


Laura Guay Director of Visual Arts / Visual Arts Teacher
Ms. Laura Guay is Canadian and met her husband while teaching in South Korea – it was love at first flight. She and her husband Todd Hurst have lived and taught in South Korea, Canada, Wales, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and now China. Laura has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of New Brunswick and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Art Education from Concordia University. Laura loves art and believes that she is the luckiest teacher in school because her subject is the most colorful. She loves running around her children Miles and Ella who are students at WISS and she loves crochet, yoga, books, sketching, painting, traveling and laughing… a lot of laughing. She loves inspiring students to find art in the world and let it inspire them.

May Huang
Music Administrator

Mei Huang is from the Guangdong Province in the south of China and has been working at WISS since 2013. As the Performing Arts Administrator, Mei is responsible for the organization and running of WISS’s very successful Instrumental Programme as well as the purchasing of all things Performing Arts, ranging from dance costumes to bubble machines.


Nicolas Elguea Director of Performing Arts / DP Music Teacher / IBDP Music Examiner
Mr. Nicolas Elguea is from Spain and has been passionate about music all his life. He obtained his music teaching degree in his home country, later moving to Chicago where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s in orchestral studies at the Chicago College of Performing Arts in the specialty of clarinet. He has extensive international experience performing in symphonic orchestras and bands touring in the US, Spain, France, Italy, and Japan. In 2010, he joined the British School of Navarra, Spain as a primary music teacher; this gave him a remarkable perspective in international education. Nicolas joined WISS in August 2012; he loves being involved in all musical projects supporting students all across school; encouraging young performers and instilling appreciation and love for music.
Stephanie Nwenwu Performing Arts Teacher
Stephanie began teaching Performing Arts in the UK in 2007, where she also worked as an Additional Learning Support Tutor and Learning Mentor. Stephanie moved to China in 2005 to continue teaching Performing Arts and to travel Asia. Her teaching philosophy focusses on fostering equality and inclusivity through collaboration, communication, and creative expression. Stephanie holds a UKA Dance Teacher’s certification, a BSc in Psychology, a PGCE (IDL), and she is currently studying to earn an MA in Theatre through the University of Surrey. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys traveling, cycling, reading, and dancing. Steph is very excited to be a member of the WISS community!
Vanessa Vanek Visual Art Teacher
Ms. Vanessa Vanek has been an art and design educator for over 20 years with sixteen of those being as a certified teacher. She started teaching art in the Kansas public schools and moved overseas in 2007 to teach art in international schools in Bangkok, Thailand and Songdo, South Korea. In 2014, she taught art and design classes at an international school in Tanzania. Vanessa has a BFA in Design with a concentration in Textile Design and has her graduate teaching certificate in Visual Art Education both from the University of Kansas. She is originally from Lawrence, Kansas and is excited to join the WISS community, to be back in Asia, and to be able to visit places where some of her relatives lived at one time in Shanghai and Suzhou.
Yong Dong (Xiao Liu) Liu

Yong Dong Liu
Theatre Technical Assistant

Mr. Liu is originally from Sichuan, but has been working at WISS since 2009. We are very pleased to have his help running our busy Performing Arts Department.


design department

Paul Matheson Design Teacher / School Counselor
Mr. Paul Matheson has a BA: History and Political Science from the University of British Columbia, a BEd: Secondary Education degree from the University of Toronto, and he has recently completed an MEd: International School Counseling degree. Mr. Matheson is committed to international education, and has taught at schools in South Korea, Kuwait City and The Bahamas. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as a software engineer at Apple, developing the iWork suite. His hobbies include traveling, kayaking and playing the piano. Mr. Matheson is so pleased to be working at WISS!
Phil Smith Head of Design
Mr. Phil Smith is originally from the west coast of Scotland, where he was a college lecturer for six years. He has spent the last seven years working at the American International School of Bucharest, Romania. Phil has a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, a Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia Communication and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. His hobbies include the making things out of stuff, photographing unlikely subjects and intentionally getting lost in new places. Above all, Phil loves to learn and experience new things as part of a student-led classroom.
Suzie Zhang
Suzie Zhang Design Assistant
Suzie has done several jobs, including sales, cashier and administrative work. This year she joined our school as a driver and also as an assistant in the school office. She is now attending East China Normal University to obtain a Bachelor of Traveling Management. Susie is very cheerful and has been a wonderful addition to our school office.

phe Department 

Chris Barry Head of MYP PHE / Physical and Health Education Teacher
Mr. Chris Barry is a UK citizen, from Oxford, joining the WISS community from Atlanta, USA, along with his wife and son. Chris has held a range of teaching, leadership and management positions within both public and private sector education over the last twelve years. Chris has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science & Health Science (Hons) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Chris is passionate about sports participation and health, and is enthusiastic about encouraging others to participate.

Chris Hobson
MYP Physical and Health Education Teacher

Mr Hobson is from Edinburgh, Scotland. He graduated Stirling University with a BA in Sports Studies and Business and then started a career that saw him working in the finance, recruitment and distribution sectors within the UK. During this time Mr Hobson coached soccer and developed an interest in working with young people and developing their skills. He returned to Edinburgh University to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. On completion of the qualification Mr Hobson went on to teach Physical Education in a number of schools within Scotland. Mr Hobson’s main interests are in sport including soccer, rugby and basketball.



Gary Halcrow
MYP Physical and Health Education Teacher and CP Sports Teacher

Mr. Gary Halcrow is a PE teacher from Scotland who studied Physical Education at the University of Edinburgh. He has taught PE in Scotland and Saudi Arabia over the last 6 years before moving to WISS. Gary’s main sport is cricket; however, he has played many other sports at a competitive level such as Basketball, Gymnastics, American Football, Badminton, Soccer and most recently Parkour. His teaching philosophy follows his favourite quote: “Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand.


Tony Anderson Director of PHE and Athletics
Mr. Tony Anderson holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from Brock University, a Teaching Certification from St. Bonaventure University, and a Master of Educational Leadership and Principal Certification from The College of New Jersey. He has 23 years of experience in teaching and as an administrator in various schools in Ontario, Canada, in Dubai, UAE and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has a passion for sports, is an avid ice hockey player, and relaxes with long rides on his custom chopper! He is at WISS with his wife Renee and daughter Emma.

Student Support Services Department

Arina Mei School Psychologist
Ms. Arina Mei was born in Anhui province, China. She loves being a part of the WISS family. Arina earned her master degree in Applied Psychology in Nanjing. There she gained her certification of National Psychological Consultant and restarted her journey as an educator. She has worked with students of different ages ranging from preschooler to undergraduate. With a wish to help more students with psychological work. She carried out a psychological service project for Left-behind children in Nanjing for almost a year. Before joining WISS, she worked in a bilingual school in Shanghai. Arina enjoys learning about different cultures and is pleased to be in the WISS community.
Jae Oh Student Support Specialist / School Counselor
Ms. Jae Oh is from South Korea but spent most of her life living in Mexico. As former alumni of an IB international school herself, Jae believes in the power of IB Programmes along with Inquiry-based learning. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Teaching Credential in Counseling, and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. After three years of teaching at an international school in South Korea, Jae is excited to start a new journey in Shanghai and wishes to continue to guide children grow up as confident adults with high self-esteem and self-regulation skills.
Jose Manual Gonzales_bio
Dr. José Manuel González Director of Student Support Services / PYP School Counselor
Jose is from Spain. He has worked for 20 years in school counseling and special education in a variety of environments, from public and private schools in Spain to international schools in the Middle East. Jose has a Master’s degree in Education and PhD in Social Psychology. He is married and has two sons at WISS. His love for falconry, as the bond of brotherhood between peoples and intangible heritage of humanity, led him to use falconry as an educational resource for students with socio-emotional problems.
Paul Matheson Design Teacher / School Counselor
Mr. Paul Matheson has a BA: History and Political Science from the University of British Columbia, a BEd: Secondary Education degree from the University of Toronto, and he has recently completed an MEd: International School Counseling degree. Mr. Matheson is committed to international education, and has taught at schools in South Korea, Kuwait City and The Bahamas. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as a software engineer at Apple, developing the iWork suite. His hobbies include traveling, kayaking and playing the piano. Mr. Matheson is so pleased to be working at WISS!

Secondary School Admin Staff 

Alexandra Caulfield Nurse Coordinator
Alexandra Caulfield is an Australian registered nurse/midwife. She has been practicing for 14 years and is passionate in women’s and children’s health and in providing evidence based, kind, and reflective care. She has 3 daughters aged 10, 9 and 7yrs and is married to Mark Caulfield, PE teacher at WISS. She enjoys knitting, the environment, and being grateful.
Jenelle Kirchoff Head and Secondary Librarian / EE Coordinator / RP Coordinator
Ms. Jenelle Kirchoff is from the United States. She has nearly 18 years of experience teaching students of all ages. She found her passion in school libraries and has a masters degree in Library Sciences. She is a certified school Library Media Specialist. Jenelle has a special fondness for picture books for young children, and one of her greatest joys is guiding students in research and writing. She thinks that libraries give students a place to expand their academic and personal interests. Jenelle and her two sons are excited to be members of the WISS community.
Olivia Wang Assistant to the Secondary Principal
Ms. Wang graduated from Shanghai University with a Bachelor degree in History. She joined the WISS family in June, 2014. She has worked as Secondary Assistant for 3 years. Then she spent one year in South Korea studying Korean. After one year of language studying she was back to her position in August. 2018. She is very happy to be a member of this wonderful WISS family again.
Tammy Xia Assistant to the Secondary Principal
Tammy Xia received her Master’s degree in TESOL in the United Kingdom, and returned to Shanghai to begin her career in 2011. Prior to joining WISS, Tammy had worked as an administrative assistant for two years in another international school in Shanghai. In her spare time, she loves photography, traveling and experience new cultures, and is excited to be joining the WISS family.