school board

Mr. Jin Hong Jian

Jin Hong Jian is a leading member of the business community in Shanghai, with interests in construction and development, as well as education. A former lecturer in mathematics, Mr. Jian is involved in a number of international schools and is very passionate about 21st-century education.


Tim Guo Bio Photo

Mr. Tim Guo

Tim Guo is a Taiwanese-American businessman and school leader, with interests around the world. Mr. Guo is on the Board of numerous international schools and spends much of his time planning new educational development. The George Guo Building is named in honor of Mr. Guo’s father.


Zhang Lu Bio Photo
Ms. Zhang Lu

Zhang Lu lives in the US where she is involved in many different enterprises which are close to her heart. When she visits WISS, she is always delighted to see the progress of the school she helped to found. Ms. Zhang has had a notable career in a number of different areas, including on Television in Taiwan.


Dr. Greg Brunton
Member (ex officio)

Dr. Greg Brunton has been an educator since 1996 and worked with schools in Florida until 2005 when he decided to move into the international arena. Greg has been an IB educator since 2005 and was Elementary School Principal at the K International School Tokyo, a full IB continuum school similar to WISS.

He joined WISS as the Primary School Principal in 2012. Greg holds bachelor degrees in Elementary Education and Public Administration, a Masters degree in K-8 Math and Science Education, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.

His dissertation focused on collaboration within intercultural professional learning communities. He is an Adjunct Professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA, teaching onsite and online classes on teacher supervision and data-based decision making.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys playing an extremely rare contra bass clarinet in the WISS Community Orchestra.