administrative team

Alexandra Caulfield
Director of Nursing

Alexandra Caulfield is an Australian registered nurse/midwife. She has been practicing for 14 years and is passionate in women’s and children’s health and in providing evidence based, kind, and reflective care. She has 3 daughters aged 10, 9 and 7yrs and is married to Mark Caulfield, PE teacher at WISS. She enjoys knitting, the environment, and being grateful.


Alice Yu
HR Director

Alice Yu has been our HR Officer since September 2012. She enjoys working in this very diverse and international environment. Alice graduated from Shanghai Technical Urban Management College in 2010, and continued to pursue further study in Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in English in 2011. During college time, she often took part-time jobs. She found her passion in HR Management in her first job as junior administrative staff. To pursue her career in HR, she later went to work in the HR Department of a Foreign Service Company before joining WISS.


Allie Lo
WISS Community Liaison

Allie Lo is excited to join WISS in the new role as Community Liaison. Born in southern China, raised in Canada, and having lived the past 20+ years across 3 continents, Allie considers herself a “global citizen”. While she started her professional life as a graphic designer, Allie’s passion for multicultural exchanges and international education has led her to parent relations work at a couple of other international schools in Shanghai. She is particularly thrilled to now join the team at WISS, where her son and daughter have thrived for the past 5 years under the globally-focused IB Programme. She looks forward to bringing positive contributions in her work with and for the parent community here. Allie speaks English, Chinese, and French. Allie will be looking for ways to help facilitate parent-school communications, connections, and community sense through parent coffee meetings, workshops, and activities in the coming months. She welcomes all parents who would like to share ideas and volunteer to reach out to her directly at


Ana Hu
Uniform Shop Manager

Ana Hu has been worked at WISS since 2013 and is the WISS Shop Assistant. Prior to joining WISS, she worked for many years in a German trading company as a sales representative. She has two daughters and enjoys cooking. She is so pleased to be a part of the WISS Community.


Amber Wang
Part-time Marketing Manager

Amber Wang graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in 2009. Before joining WISS, she worked in the Digital Marketing industry 10 years before accepting her position at WISS. Her areas of expertise include search engine, performance, and social media marketing. She is excited to be a member of the WISS family working with the Stoke City FC Academy and Marketing teams.


Arlene Kline
Director of Technology

Arlene was born in Northern Ireland and has worked in London, Spain, Holland, and Israel before coming to China. With a strong background in computer design and technology, Arlene has worked in the IT industry in the UK since 1995, teaching IT, managing projects and providing IT consultancy services to many Fortune 500 companies. Arlene prides herself on nurturing confidence, competence and creativity with technology. She enjoys leveraging technology to support the educational goals of the school. Arlene has a Bachelor of Art degree in Fine Craft Design and a Master of Science degree in Computing & Design from the University of Ulster. Her son Ethan is also part of the WISS family.


Beilei Tang
Admission and Marketing Officer

Beilei Tang and was born in Shanghai. She accomplished her master degree in Marketing  and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Beilei used to work for German company and has also lived in New York for two years, therefore, she loves to work in the multi-cultural environments and can be quickly adapted to changes. Beilei an easy-going person and loves to join a variety of activities to make her life more colorful.  Joining WISS is a great opportunity for her to meet students and families which make her feel more energetic and young.


Candy Lu
Primary Nurse

Ms Lu graduated from TianJin Medical College with a degree in Nursing. She has worked at Quyang Hospital of Shanghai for over three years, mainly engaged in the Surgical Department, Internal Department and ICU. She also worked at another local hospital before joining WISS


Cici Zhuang

Ms. Zhuang graduated from Shanghai Maritime University with a major in electronics engineering and took the library management course. She has worked as a librarian in one International School in Shanghai for about four years and gained a lot of experience. In 2008, Ms. Zhuang joined WISS as the Chinese librarian. She likes reading and stay with the children. She is very enjoying be the member of the WISS community and looking forward to contribute her skills and knowledge with students and colleagues.


Claudia Gonzalez Rallo
Marketing Officer and Social Media Specialist

Claudia comes from Spain. She is an Advertising and PR graduate and has been working as a social media manager for 6 years. She has experience in online and off line marketing and in the media planning field. After working in an advertising agency in Spain she moved to Shanghai in 2017 and worked as a Spanish teacher. Claudia likes meeting people, discovering new cultures and gardening. She is excited to be part of the WISS family.


Eric Li

Eric Li
Assistant to the Director of Admissions & Marketing

Eric is from Zhejiang and has lived in Shanghai since 2017. Prior to joining WISS, he worked in the education industry for a number of years from being an English teacher to an assistant manager for a global language learning platform. He is an advocate of linguistic diversity and cultural richness. Apart from Mandarin, Wu Chinese and English, he also speaks a bit of German. In his leisure time, he enjoys travelling, hiking, philosophy, etc.


Eva Li
Visual Arts Assistant

Ms. Eva is originally from Gansu and has been working at WISS since 2006. She’s happy to support the busy Art Department and has been consistently devoted to making all our students creative artwork visible within the school and outside the school in local galleries or exhibition center throughout Shanghai.


Fred Ding
Administrative Manager

Mr. Ding received his BS from East China University of Science and Technology and completed the Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney. He has worked as a mentor in USYD Mentor programme to support and encourage a small group of new postgraduates in building personal networks and sharing experiences.


Jane Huang
Assistant to the Primary Principal

Ms. Huang graduated from Shanghai University of Engineering and Science, majored in Material Science and also obtained teaching qualifications for primary school. After graduation, she worked as an English teacher as well as a class teacher in an international kindergarten for almost one year teaching the kids aged from 4 to 6. Following this, she was a customer relation in EF Huangpu School, as a fresh in sales field, her sales amount ranked 25 worldwide in January. Now, as a new member of WISS, she is looking forward to making friends with you and making great progress step by step with everyone’s help.


Jenelle Kirchoff
Director of Library Services

Ms. Jenelle Kirchoff is from the United States. She has nearly 18 years of experience teaching students of all ages. She found her passion in school libraries and has a masters degree in Library Sciences. She is a certified school Library Media Specialist. Jenelle has a special fondness for picture books for young children, and one of her greatest joys is guiding students in research and writing. She thinks that libraries give students a place to expand their academic and personal interests. Jenelle and her two sons are excited to be members of the WISS community.


Jun Zhang
HR Assistant

Ms. Zhang graduated from Shanghai University with a Bachelor of Arts in Financial Management. She joined the WISS family in September 2013, to work in the Human Resource Department. She likes making friends and to take on new and different challenges. After years of working in Human Resource, she is still very passionate about the job and she feels very honored be part of the WISS Community.


Kevin Jian
Kevin Jian
Facility Manager

With a strong passion for education, Kevin pursued his Master of Arts degree in the Teachers College, Columbia University. Before returning to Shanghai, he worked in the Korea International School in Seoul. Kevin is excited to be working at WISS to ensure all facilities related work is being done in a safe and efficient manner.


Kira Zheng
HR Assistant

Ms. Zheng graduated from Shanghai University with a Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management. She worked for five years in an outsourcing service company in Shanghai before joining WISS. Kira likes traveling and baking and is very happy to be a member of this wonderful WISS family .


Lisa Prowse
Early Years Office Assistant

Lisa is from Changsha, Hunan, and has been living in Shanghai for the last 6 years with her husband and two daughters. Previously she worked in the food and beverage industry as a supervisor. Lisa enjoys spending time with young children so feels working at WISS is the perfect place to restart her career.


Mary Lu
Assistant Librarian

Mary graduated from Shanghai Second Polytechnic University majoring in Educational Technology. She worked for nine years in another International School in Shanghai before joining the WISS Library Team. She loves to work with children and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to share her experience with the WISS Community.


Marilyn Hong
Admissions Office Assistant/Receptionist

Born and raised in the diverse cultural country of the Philippines, with its rich multicultural background, Marilyn is able to speak four different languages to get connected locally and globally. She studied Vocational Business in Manila and began her career as a Trading Assistant. After several years, she came to Shanghai, joining a private clinic as an Administrative Manager for half a decade, followed by her own baking business. Aside from her professional work, she is an animal lover who also enjoys cooking, baking, and volunteering. She is happy to currently be a part of WISS.


May Huang
May Huang
Performing Arts Assistant

Mei Huang is from the Guangdong Province in the south of China and has been working at WISS since 2013. As the Performing Arts Administrator, Mei is responsible for the organization and running of WISS’s very successful Instrumental Programme as well as the purchasing of all things Performing Arts, ranging from dance costumes to bubble machines.


Melody Hu
Athletics and Activities Office Assistant

Melody achieved her Masters Degree at the University of Glasgow in 2014. Since then, she has been working as a Business Development Manager at a multinational organization in the UK for nearly 3 years. In 2017, she was given a scholarship from the University of Greenwich as a Project Researcher. She also completed a course namely “Teaching, Learning & Assessment” while she was doing research and has lecturing experience in the logistics field. Melody is a hard-working and self-motivated individual. She has a committed attitude to work, and believes that hard work combined with relevant experience and skills will allow her to achieve her value at WISS.


Nancy Yu

Nancy Yu
Assistant to Early Years Principal

Ms. Nancy is from Harbin China and has been working and living in a bilingual environment in Shanghai for more than 10 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Education and a teaching certificate from Cambridge university. She also also can speak some French. Nancy’s working experience falls into teaching and assisting senior managers from Canada, Britain and America. Ms. Yu enjoys communicating with people from different backgrounds and she is a great listener. Nancy is also helpful and cheerful. She is very glad and proud to be a part of WISS!


Olivia Wang
Assistant to the Secondary Principal

Ms. Wang graduated from Shanghai University with a Bachelor degree in History. She joined the WISS family in June, 2014. She has worked as Secondary Assistant for 3 years. Then she spent one year in South Korea studying Korean. After one year of language studying she was back to her position in August. 2018. She is very happy to be a member of this wonderful WISS family again.


Paris Gu Bio photo
Paris Gu
Senior Graphic Designer

Paris Gu joined WISS in 2008. A graduate with a degree in Business English, Paris has always had a passion for Graphic Design and continues to relish the opportunity to apply her talents to her work. Over the years, Paris has produced a variety of marketing materials for WISS from print editorials to digital promotions; from brand identity to merchandise items, continually adapting her style to fit each project. Her inspirations range far and wide: art-deco to pop-art, Shen Zhou to Miyazaki, Saul Bass to Max Miedinger, Eisenstein to Tarantino. She is delighted to be working at a school which nurtures and champions individualism, in a job which ensures a new artistic challenge is always just around the corner.


Peter Bezuidenhout
Peter J Bezuidenhout
Director of Admissions and Marketing

Mr. Peter. J. Bezuidenhout offers over 20 years of leadership experience in Sales, Marketing, Communications, Customer Service, and Process Improvement across the hospitality and education industries and brings a deep understanding, passion, and appreciation for the student and parent experience journey to Western International School of Shanghai.

Peter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitality Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Merit).

Originally from South Africa, Peter has also lived and worked in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan (PRC), Beijing, and Shanghai. His diverse background includes working with renowned multinational educational organizations and boutique hotels, which lends to Peter’s rich appreciation for different people, cultures, and business environments in Asia, particularly China.

Peter is also a dedicated parent, passionate chef, and avid traveler who approaches life as an opportunity to create new experiences and memories.


Rowena Luo
Purchasing Manager

Ms. Luo joins us directly after having earned her degree in Biological Sciences at Huainan Normal University, Anhui Province, where she gained the outstanding student leader and Miyoshi students pacesetter and other honorary titles. We welcome her to WISS.


Sherry Dai
Primary Office Assistant

Sherry’s Chinese name is Dai Zhong Juan. She is from Beihai in Guangxi Province. She graduated from Guilin Institute of Tourism, and her major was Hotel Management. That was why after her graduation, she has worked with the Marriot hotel group and IHG for 4 years before joining WISS. This is a start to her new life as she is very happy and proud to be a part of the WISS team. She believes that no matter where she works, at a hotel or the school, to serve guests or to serve students, she wants to care about people like a family. Sherry believes understanding what others need in order to best meet their needs is the key to success.


Summer Xia
Early Year Nurse

Summer XIA is from ZheJiang, China. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Nursing from JiLin university and has subsequently worked in international clinics and schools in Shanghai. Her hobbies include reading and traveling with friends. Summer enjoys spending time with children and is looking forward to helping the youngest children on campus feel better. Summer is thrilled to be joining the nursing team in Early Years at WISS.


Xiao Lan Gu
Logistics Manager

Ms. Gu brings to WISS the expertise she has developed in managing transportation and logistics through 12 years’ experience at other international schools. Xiao Lan is happy to join WISS and serve the needs of all its students and families.


Suzie Zhang
Design Assistant

Suzie has done several jobs, including sales, cashier and administrative work. This year she joined our school as a driver and also as an assistant in the school office. She is now attending East China Normal University to obtain a Bachelor of Traveling Management. Susie is very cheerful and has been a wonderful addition to our school office.


Tammy Xia
Assistant to the Secondary Principal

Tammy Xia received her Master’s degree in TESOL in the United Kingdom, and returned to Shanghai to begin her career in 2011. Prior to joining WISS, Tammy had worked as an administrative assistant for two years in another international school in Shanghai. In her spare time, she loves photography, traveling and experience new cultures, and is excited to be joining the WISS family.


Tina Jin
Finance Officer

Originally from Shanghai, Tina Jin graduated from Shanghai Normal University with a Bachelor Degree in Economics. She has worked in administrative aspects for several years and previously worked as a cashier for 4 years. She is very pleased and honored to be a member of WISS Community.


Vigi Gan
Assistant to the Director

Ms. Gan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Shanghai Institute of Technology. After graduation, she spent over six years in Germany to pursue her further study in Chemistry at Chemnitz University and Stuttgart University. She has worked as an administrative assistant at another educational institution in Shanghai.


Wai Ling Chiew
Admissions Officer

Wai Ling Chiew  is from Malaysia and has lived in China for 14 years.  Prior to joining WISS, she helped develop and market  tour packages in one of the leading Travel Agencies in Malaysia and later moved on to IT sales and marketing for a Multimedia company dealing with education equipment.  Wai Ling is multilingual and speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. She loves meeting and connecting with people and is excited to be a part of WISS family. She has two daughters who also attend WISS.


Will Hua
IT Support Officer

Mr. Hua graduated from Shanghai University of Engineering and Science with a Bachelor’s in Material Science and studied at Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in Embedded 3G development and 3G engineering. He has been working in the IT field since 2009, having worked for HP where he received numerous accreditations.


Xu Min
Head of IT Support

Mr Xu graduated from Fudan University with a BA in Computer Science. He also holds a Microsoft Certificate of Software Engineering. Having joined WISS in 2007, he continues to work closely with the Director of Technology in overseeing and maintaining all aspects of the computer network at WISS, as well as providing technical support to staff and students and being a key member of the team responsible for the technical side of theatre productions and public events.


Yong Dong Liu
Theatre Technical Assistant

Mr. Liu is originally from Sichuan, but has been working at WISS since 2009. We are very pleased to have his help running our busy Performing Arts Department.


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