The Youth Innovation Academy at WISS

The Youth Innovation Academy is an innovation school for students. Our methodology is based on the design thinking process for multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects. We teach students how to adventure through the labyrinth of the innovation process, and work with them on real world challenges.

PROJECT & TEAM BASED: Our project-based model engages you in hands-on creative problem solving through team collaboration and immersion.

COACHED BY EXPERTS: Our projects are led by experts and innovators  in diverse fields including entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, designers, architect, engineers, psychologists, who are often also graduates from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Oxford etc.

DEFINED TO BE INTERDISCIPLINARY: Our projects are designed to be interdisciplinary and require students to think out of the box, act out of their comfort zone, apply different knowledge and skills and prompt them to acquire new intellectual asset as they go.

DESIGNED FOR REAL WORLD IMPACT: Students  work on are real world  projects. From  innovating for the physically constrained population, to creating life by fusing arts and technology, to thinking out of the flower beds ! The challenges and fun never stop!

The fall 2016 WISS student innovation project is overseen by two experienced coaches and two assistant coaches, who offer inspiration, guidance and support to students as appropriate to the innovation challenge. Our carefully screened coaches come from a range of backgrounds and bring a diversity of expertise. The four coaches include a former executive and innovation strategy expert who has built out and led a series of world class design thinking innovation consulting firms, a serial entrepreneur who has developed his own companies on innovative products/services, a designer and artist who keeps exploring the functional and aesthetic boundaries of design , and a maker who is passionate with the creative hands-on world of making. The coaches’ educational backgrounds are from MIT and Tongji University.
In addition, our staff work closely with educators and experts in curriculum design and assessment at WISS and other high end education institutions, to ensure the maximum educational impact of each program.
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