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The Stoke City FC Academy at Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) is a Premier League Communities football (soccer) youth academy that offers students top-level football training with professional coaches from the Stoke City Football Club. The Stoke City FC Academy at WISS was set up to provide elite football training in Shanghai, to showcase the school’s extracurricular excellence and Stoke City FC’s commitment to developing new talent.   

Three coaches from the Stoke City FC are at WISS throughout the year to work with selected students into the Academy. It is an outstanding opportunity for students to learn from coaches with top-level qualifications and some who have played professionally themselves. Students also have the chance to travel to the Stoke City FC ground in the UK and train within their youth Academy. 

 Stoke City FC is the oldest club in the Premier League Communities and this is the first football program of its kind, offering first-rate coaching throughout the year to students in Shanghai. Every session encourages players to become skilled, confident and creative individuals, who can produce these skills within a match. The Academy at WISS is about coming together as a team, improving players skills and, of course, having fun. Aside from the high-level football skills, it teaches commitment, discipline, and focus

Mission Statement 

To provide quality coaching for players of all ages and abilities to allow improvement of skills and enjoyment of the game and in so doing showing the opportunities available to pursue football for the most talented and those who wish to pursue a career in the game as players, coaches or administrators. 


Why Choose Stoke FC Academy at WISS? 

 Stoke FC Academy at WISS is a premier Shanghai youth football program that gives 6 to 17-year-olds the opportunity to learn the Stoke City FC Way through an intensive football schedule alongside the education. Stoke City FC is a club which is rich in history, with a very good track record of developing top players. Stoke is a community club who believe in helping young and potential players in Shanghai by providing football opportunities through their community work, development squads, and their highquality academy system. 

Our Approach to Coaching

  •  That Skill is the foundation that all other parts of the game can be built on.
  • The Golden Ages of Skills learning is 7-16 years old.
  • Excellence demands effort and planned deliberate practice of increasing difficulty.
  • Team Success depends on Individual and Small Group Skills.

Benefits of the Academy

The Stoke City FC Academy at WISS is a great opportunity for students to follow their passion for football and improve their game.

The Academy is a full year programme coached by three top coaches from Stoke City football club. The training programme is based on programme at the Stoke City FC Academy in England. Every session encourages players to become skilled, confident and creative individuals, who can produce these skills within a match. The Academy is about coming together as a team, improving players skills and of course, having fun. Aside from the high-level football skills, it teaches commitment, discipline and focus.

Stoke FC Academy at WISS: Shanghai Football Programs.


Under 7 & Under 8

This group trains twice weekly after school. The program is mainly ball manipulation and getting as many touches of the ball as possible. The team is part of the T98 friendly league (no points scheme) and play 5 vs 5 matches over the weekend. 

Under 9 
This group trains three times weekly after school. The team is part of the T98 football league and play matches over the weekend. The program is divided into 3 parts: 1) Technical, 2) Game Related and 3) Small-sided Games. 
Under 13 
This group trains three times weekly after school. They are part T98 football league and play matches over the weekend. Their programs divided into 4 parts: 1) Technical, 2) Game Related, 3) Possession and 4) Small-sided Games. 
Development Squad 
This group trains two times a week after school. Training sessions are all technical sessions, looking to improve players to make the step up into the academy teams. The Development Squad does not play matches on the weekend however they have small-sidedgames in their sessions which consist of 3 vs 3 – 5 vs 5.   
Under 18 
This group trains three times a week after school. They are part ofthe SPL football league and play matches over the weekend. Theywill be introduced to more tactical detail and roles andresponsibilities to play 11 vs 11. 
Girls Mixed Grade 7-12 
This group is a new all-girls initiative to help players improve technically and physically whilst gaining confidence in the sport. 




More Opportunities with Stoke FC Academy

Stoke FC Academy at WISS does not only offer premier youth football (soccer) training for players in Shanghai. There are various other football programs throughout the year that give families, adults, and kids in Shanghai opportunities to improve their health and football skills. 

Stoke City FC Academy School Holiday Camps 

Skills camps are typically offered during CNY and summer.

Stoke City FC Academy at WISS Pint-size and Primary Potters 

The Pint-size Potters (EY) and Primary Potters are the newest addition to our Stoke City FC Academy at WISS. WISS students of all soccer abilities in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5 are welcome.

MoJoManuals: The Women’s  Sport Network

WISS is proud to support the Women’s  Sport Network here in China.

MoJoManuals – Inner Strength – Outer Confidence in Teenage Girls
The Women’s Sports Network has just launched a series of manuals to help teenage girls starting out in competitive sport to develop greater body confidence in parallel with sport-related skills. Targeted at clubs, coaches, schools and parents – and girls themselves.


Girls in China

See the manual created for girls in sport in China.

Interested in joining

Stoke FC Academy?

Anyone interested in joining the Stoke City Football Academy at WISS must register to attend a trial first. To register email and include student’s full name, date of birth and arrangements for getting home after the trial. You will then receive a confirmation email with the trial details.



  • FA Level 1 & 2 in Football, Youth Module 2, Futsal Level 1 qualifications
  • Coaching Disabled Footballers qualification
  • Worked alongside academy coaches from Liverpool FC & Rochdale AFC
  • Taught PE to primary school children from Nursery to Grade 6
  • Specialized 1-1 coaching in America and England
  • Worked across America coaching players and coaches
  • Coach 3-19 years old
  • Degree in Sports Management
  • Coaching badges and qualifications from the US and UK
  • Coached in UK, USA, China, and Canada
  • Coach all ages: high school, college and camps


  • Masters in High Performance Football
  • Worked alongside elite first team coaches
  • Worked within 3 professional academies
  • Coached in Spain, Germany, China, England, Dubai, and Africa
  • Coach 3 – 17 year olds
  • Masters in High Performance in Football in Barcelona, Spain
  • National Team Tactical Analyst
  • Qualification in an Expert in Youth Development Program in Barcelona, Spain
  • Coach all ages; 3 to senior professionals

We have witnessed many fine achievements over a short period of time with older players being offered professional contracts and achieving the dream. Others have improved social skills and fitness.

The coaching staff and management Stoke City

The BEST football experience EVER! Meeting with professional football players, playing football with the Academy players and local English teams, everything was FANTASTIC!

Ryu Yamaguchi

Captain U14, 2014

We feel so blessed our son is able to receive world-class football training right at the school from the Stoke City FC coaches.

Coaches are professional and passionate about developing our boys and we have seen our son develop tremendously both individually and in a team setting. Every day our son looks so much forward to the training and his dream is to become a professional football player one day.

Alexandra & Berndt – Zach Kohring

Excellent coaching team with great passion and dedication for coaching and developing young players. Besides the developing technical and tactical skills my son has improved in taking responsibility and learned about what’s required for a professional career.

Mette – Jonathan Efland

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