A little about our Saturday School

On Saturday mornings, we run English Language Programmes for local children, sustained by students, staff, and parent volunteers. We also have an after school Adult English Class during the week run by parents, and on Sundays we often have special sporting or arts classes for migrant children. It is important that our young people learn to help those around them and in doing so increase their own skills, confidence, and understanding.

Saturday School Details

Co-ordinator: John Cucinello Location: WISS Campus Date: Every Saturday! (except school holidays) Time: 9am-11am

Supporting the Xujing Community

Saturday school is a way for WISS to be actively involved in the local community. We have from the founding of the school sought to be seen not as an island of expatriates privilege but a legitimate concerned member adding to the quality of life of all Xujing residents. Saturday school provides WISS students, parents, teachers and staff an opportunity to stand in fellowship with all the people living in Xujing. We are an open house program. We provide a valuable service – English instruction. It teaches commitment and builds an awareness of the greater good. Children begin to understand that there are times when “we need” is bigger than “I want”. For many of the students who attend, it also gives them a peek at a more distant horizon that maybe they didn’t dare imagine.

Sign Up Today!

Join a community of teachers helping create opportunities for the youth in Xujing.

How can you help? 1. Volunteer as a Parent-Teacher and sign up for the Saturday sessions. 2. Encourage your child(ren) to come forth as a Student-Teacher for the Saturday session. 3. Provide in-kind the refreshments for the Saturday School 4. Donate in cash for the Saturday School.