International Pi Day

International Pi-Day

A day for the celebration of Mathematics but also for fundraising! The WISS Pi-Day not only includes a number of academic mathematics activities but also gives students the opportunity to Pie some teachers. This privilege brings in a fair amount of funds for the WISS Cambodia Project, with the Secondary Home Rooms that bring in enough funds having the right to throw a pie at the teacher of their choice. It is a fun and successful fundraiser.

Mathematics Challenges

The Mathematics activities include the Rubik’s Cube Competition to see who is the fastest at solving them. There was also the Digits of Pi Memorization Competition to see who could recite the most consecutive digits of pi. Lastly there was the 24 Challenge which was to see who is the best at being able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide 4 random numbers in a way so that they would equal 24. All these competitions started with a preliminary round and then ended with a final that took only the top 3 or so students from each contest. The winner of each competition would be awarded a beautiful blueberry pie to take home courtesy of the school caterer, the Carena!

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