Couleurs de Chine

Couleurs de Chine

WISS has supported Couleurs de Chine (CdC) for 8 years. The founding Director of WISS, Dr Alfonso Orsini, was moved by the cause of CdC to bring education to the children of ethnic minorities in Guanxi province and to see the preservation of their heritage and culture. WISS pays for the education of a number of students, runs annual fundraisers to support CdC and students and staff visit CdC each year.

CdC supports the education of girls and boys from the ethnic minorities of the Miao, the Dong and the Yao people. They support the community in various ways beyond education. They have a program manager based in Guanxi, in the Miao mountains permanently to work with the community.


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Contact: John Cucinello



History of CdC

In 1997, Françoise Grenot-Wang, the founder of the association, was working as an interpreter for Médecins sans Frontières in the Great Miao Mountains region of Guangxi. In the course of her work she was struck by the difficulties involved in sending girls to school. In most of the Miao, Yao and Dong villages scarcely any girls had the opportunity of going to school because their families were so poor. As a general rule, priority is given to boys, since the cost of schooling represents a significant part of the family income.

In 1998 Couleurs de Chine began its efforts to help send to school the girls of the ethnic minorities living in the Great Miao mountains. The work of the association was originally cultural in inspiration, but has taken on a primarily humanitarian dimension.

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