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How does an IB education at WISS create a better world?

Service at WISS encourages students to help the community, either locally, nationally, or globally.

At the Western International School of Shanghai, we believe that doing and experiencing is a key component of meaningful learning. As IB learners, through service, we together strive to be caring members of the community who demonstrate a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.

We incorporate service in our education from our youngest learners all the way to our oldest students. Through units like “Sharing the Planet” in Early Years, programs like Action Cubs in Primary, and service projects in Secondary, our students are making an effort to change the world for the better every day.


How can the arts give students an edge in math and reading?

Researchers find that sustained learning in music and theater correlates strongly with higher achievement in both math and reading.

Singing under the bright stage lights or creating pottery at our kilns, students at WISS are exposed to the creative arts at all ages. At the Western International School of Shanghai, we believe learning extends beyond the standard classroom environment. Students learn best when they are challenged physically, creatively, and academically.

Our students are encouraged to first discover their passion and talents in athletics, arts, and language. Our community works together to help students develop and pursue those skills.

WISS has a strong creative arts program that is unique because of its interdisciplinary approach that involves the collaboration between all creative arts subjects. We celebrate the arts through sharing students’ work; showcasing their skills and talents through performances, gallery viewings, and community events.


How do sports and extra- curricular activities help students achieve success in their careers?

WISS recognizes the importance of athletics as part of a well-rounded education. Key components of intelligence and analytical thinking are enhanced by participating in athletics.

Athletics teach students essential skills that they will use throughout their lives. Our Athletics Program serves many purposes – giving our students a chance to make new friends, stay in shape, and compete athletically on a local and international level. Because we believe a healthy body is key to a healthy mind, athletics are a continuation of our school mission “Inspiring minds to shape the future.” Our Athletics Program is aligned with the objectives of our school and we promote an environment of collaboration, perseverance, and integrity.


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