The WISS Uniform is a relaxed style that is comfortable for students but it offers a neat style, convenience to parents and it adds to the overall school culture. The uniform is sold from the WISS Shop throughout the year and each student receives a RMB 2000 Subsidy for uniforms as part of the tuition fee.

Summer Wear

  • Unisex:
    • Light Blue Long-Sleeved WISS Polo T Shirt
    • White PE Short-Sleeved T shirt
    • PE Sport Shorts
    • Navy Blue Summer Cap
  • Girls Only:
    • Navy/White Check skirts (Grade 6 and up)
    • Beige Skorts (N – Grade 5)
  • Boys Only:
    • Short Beige Pants

Winter Wear

  • Unisex:
    • Light Blue Long-Sleeved WISS Polo T Shirt
    • Navy Blue PE Suit
    • Navy Blue Hoodie
    • Navy Blue Sweat Pants (thick one)
    • Navy Blue Sweater
    • Long Beige Pants
  • Girls Only:
    • Thick Check Skirt
    • Dress (Nursery – Kindergarten)

Other Items

  • Science Lab Coats (Secondary Only)
  • Library bag (N – Grade 2 required, other grades optional)

WISS Tigers Team Kits

Each student that joins a WISS Tigers Sports Team afterschool, will need to purchase the relevant team kit. The Coach will provide each team member with a collection from, which can be given to the WISS Shop to collect your team kit.

Optional Items

  • WISS Swim kits (swimsuit, goggles, cap, bag)

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