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The following 7 units will comprise the qualification of the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sports.

The BTEC Level 3 qualification in Sports aims to provide a broad educational base for further training, further education, and employment within the sports sector. The qualifications will develop learners’ abilities through the knowledge and skills gained in different parts of the programme.

Unit 1: Health, Wellbeing & SPORT

Learners will explore the importance of physical activity and wellbeing on different types of participants. This will include investigating physical and mental health and suggesting ways to improve them.

Unit 2: Applied Sports Anatomy and Physiology

Learners explore the structure and function of the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and develop an understanding of the fundamentals of the energy systems.


Learners gain an understanding of fitness testing and the importance of health screening and health monitoring tests.

Unit 4: sports performance analysis

Learners will study methods of performance analysis, benchmarks for performance, and practically develop and use tools for analysing performance and providing feedback.


Learners explore the rules and regulations in a selected sport, and apply them while officiating.

Unit 6: practical sports performance

Learners develop the skills, techniques and tactics of selected sports through active participation in individual or team sports.

Possible CP Career Pathways: CP SPORTS

Sports Scientist
Physical Education Teacher
Sports Psychologist
Sports Advertising and Branding Executive
Sports Journalist
Sports Business Director
Personal Trainer
Specialized Sports Coach

Highlights of WISS IBCP Sports Pathway

Students involved in the IBCP Sports pathway will have ample opportunities for hands-on experience in the field, athletic scholarships and athletic internships at WISS and in the Shanghai community. Read more about one of our IBCP Sport’s students experiences in the program.

IBCP Sports-Stoke Academy

As an IBCP Sports student at WISS, you will have the incredible opportunity to be involved with the Stoke City FC Academy at WISS. You will be able to learn from and coach alongside the Stoke City FC Academy coaching team, delivering amazing sessions to the young athletes involved in the program. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of different age groups and learn from highly experienced, professional Stoke City coaches.

One programme you will be involved in is the Happy Feet Outreach Program which provides football sessions to local schools and nurseries. This will allow you to not only experience a variety of coaching environments but gain practical coaching hours working primarily with early years children. You will gain an understanding of session planning, session delivery, class management, child engagement, and safety and welfare, alongside an experienced, qualified coach.

The Happy Feet Outreach Program is a fantastic opportunity for you to excel personally and professionally alongside developing future career pathways. The coaches will mentor you throughout the process and help you to improve your organizational, interpersonal, leadership, and time-management skills. The skills you will develop and the confidence you will gain from this experience will be invaluable. It will also be highly beneficial when it comes to making the transition to further education or the workplace.

IBCP Sports-Firstpoint USA

WISS has recently partnered with FirstPoint USA, a leading sports scholarship organization. FirstPoint USA works with over 2500 US Colleges and Universities and has placed over 8000 student-athletes in sports scholarship programs since 2001. We are very excited to name them the “Official USA University Scholarship Partner of the Western International School of Shanghai” and work together to best serve the student-athletes we have here at WISS. The agreement we have in place provides our students access to a wide variety of benefits and services, and we are the only school in China that FirstPoint USA has partnered with. The FirstPoint USA representative also works for the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) and can share information on the excellent sporting degree opportunities available at UCFB.

Please find the links to both websites below:

For more information about this partnership or the many opportunities available at WISS for student-athletes, contact