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Business & Sustainability

In collaboration with the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS), a top business school in Switzerland, the IB Career-related Programme has a joint enrollment package for students interested in pursuing a career in the world of business, with a specific focus on sustainability and leadership (  WISS is the fourth IBCP school in the world to offer this unique and exciting program to students. 

This study program is relevant for all students who are interested in responsible management applicable in different fields. The SUMAS ‘‘Business & Sustainability’’ pathway aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge on managing sustainability and helps them develop their competencies in becoming responsible leaders. The Business & Sustainability study plan prepares students both professionally and academically by stimulating their critical thinking and creativity. SUMAS has developed its IBCP Business and Sustainability pathway to help develop responsible young leaders with the appropriate skills and qualities needed for a successful career in business. 

Studying the IBCP-SUMAS pathway allows students the opportunity to graduate from WISS with a total of 12 college credits, along with the IBCP Certificate and WISS High School Diploma. It is important to note that IBCP-SUMAS will be delivered via eLearning by SUMAS faculty. WISS IBCP-SUMAS students will be mentored in school by the CP Coordinator and IBDP Business Teacher. 

CP-SUMAS has already produced graduates that are now studying in business schools all over Europe. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important within all kinds of organizations and in societies at large. Start your path to becoming the next generation’s responsible business leader.



  • Key dimemsions of sustainability
  • The biosphere, cycles & ecosystems
  • Climate change
  • Impact of business on environment
  • Quantify energy, climate and water impact
  • Pollution, electronic waste and recycling
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Environmental ethics
  • Applied statistics for sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility


  • Circular economy
  • Performance economy
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • Cradle-to-cradle design
  • Product design and innovation
  • Material health and material reutilization
  • Sustainable innovation of materials
  • Supply to value chain management
  • Sustainable innovation in various industries


  • Leadership and behaviour traits
  • Key elements of leadership
  • Contemporary issues in leadership
  • Power, authority and conformity
  • Group dynamics and high performance teams
  • Contingency theories
  • Effective leadership styles
  • Cross cultural competencies
  • Change management

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Possible Career Pathways: Business and Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant
Sustainability Program Coordinator
Environmental Lawyer
Green Entrepreneur
Financial Advisor for Responsible Investments
Chief Sustainability Officer
Fashion Design
Interior Design
Sustainable Hospitality
Operations and Production Manager