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Art and Design is another pathway for the Career-related study available to Western International School of Shanghai students. It is accessible as an eLearning opportunity through the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). As an IB approved collaboration, SCAD offers a plethora of university-level courses based around foundation-level Art and Design. There are a variety of courses on offer which affords WISS students a flexible pathway to explore their passion. Students will work on their SCAD courses in school via an online learning platform; they will also have the opportunity to take a summer course in some of the SCAD campuses around the world (Hong Kong, Atlanta, Savannah). As SCAD courses are already at university level, it will be advantageous for students when applying to universities and colleges around the world; it is also much easier to transition into an undergraduate program of study at SCAD itself.

SCAD offers a variety of courses to IBCP students and will allow them to take any general education, foundations or major-specific courses – provided they satisfy the necessary pre-requisites. Enrollment at WISS does not guarantee admission into IBCP-SCAD. Students interested in the IBCP-SCAD pathway must apply and be accepted into the program and will be asked to submit a portfolio and reference letters from previous teachers as part of the SCAD application process. Students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher with strong portfolios will be granted an academic scholarship by SCAD that will allow them to study without paying additional fees.

SCAD will create unique pathways for each student based on their interests. This decision-making process will be supported by our College Counselor and our CP Coordinator. SCAD currently offers nine different tracks: General/Foundations, General/Foundations and Liberal Arts, General/Foundations and Liberal Arts (No DRAW 100 Required), General/Foundations – Digital Media Majors, Interactive Design and Game Development, Photography, Advertising and Branding, Graphic Design, and Sequential Art.

Some of the course offerings available to WISS CP students at SCAD include:

TRACK 1A – General / Foundations

TRACK 1B – General / Foundations – Digital Media Majors

TRACK 2A – General / Foundations and Liberal Arts

TRACK 2B – General / Foundations and Liberal Arts (NO DRAW 100)

TRACK 3 – Advertising and Branding

TRACK 4 – Graphic Design

TRACK 5 – Interactive Design and Game Development

TRACK 6 – Photography

TRACK 7 – Sequential Art

TRACK 8 – Business of Beauty and Fragrance

TRACK 9 – Fashion Marketing and Management

TRACK 10 – Social Strategy and Management

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Possible CP Career Pathways: CP SCAD

Interior Designer
Game Designer
Performing Artist
Advertising and Branding Executive
Digital Design Consultant
Sketch Artist