Drama is integrated through musical performances in the Primary Years Programme (Grade 1 through Grade 5). However, drama is offered at course level for students in Grade 6 through Grade10 and is provided as a Theatre course through the IBDP/IBCP curriculum in Grades 11 and 12.



Visual Arts

Film and Media

In Grades 6-8, all students are required to take a drama course that focuses on improving performing arts skills: creating, devising, improvisation, character building, play building, and designing. However, our students’ learning extends beyond drama skills to develop teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and public speaking competencies. The MYP Drama Program encourages creativity, communication, and collaboration amongst students, where learning takes place through various theater genres and performance techniques.

Secondary school students in Grades 11 and 12 may choose to participate in theatre as either an IBDP course or an IBCP production arts course. As part of the theatre course, students explore theorists, the elements of the creative process, and solo work. Production arts is a more practical course that allows students to develop proficiencies in industry skills related to theatre production.

Annually at WISS, up to 10 performances are delivered by students from the Early Years, Primary and Secondary, comprising a diverse range of musicals, concerts, plays, monologues, and students-led work. The year ends with an MYP collaborative performance involving all students in Grades 6-10. WISS produces between 6-10 performances each year spanning from musicals to concerts, plays, monologues, and student-created work.

Arabian Nights

Secondary students in Music, Visual Arts, and Theatre collaborated to put on the show “Arabian Nights” in Spring 2018.


Secondary students built a creative and immersive set which included a swimming pool on stage as part of the show “Metamorphoses” in Spring 2017.

The Last Chapter

A set of student-devised monologues that showcased a different range of theatrical forms was performed in “The Last Chapter” in Fall 2019.