Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


WISS cultivates healthy, balanced, confident and ethical people; striving to challenge and stimulate students to inquire, wonder, discover, and create each day. We aim to send into the world brave, compassionate, internationally minded global citizens with the skill and intellect to help shape the future.


IB Learner Profile

The IB defines the characteristics of students who are aware of and sensitive to the experiences of others. These create a profile of the IB student, which we strive to encourage in all our students and which help teachers and students to establish goals, plan units of inquiry, and assess performance.

Inquirers: Their natural curiosity has been nurtured. They have acquired the skills necessary to conduct purposeful, constructive research. They actively enjoy learning, and their love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.

Thinkers: They exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to make sound decisions and to solve complex problems.

Communicators: They receive and express ideas and information confidently in more than one language, including the language of mathematical symbols.

Risk Takers: They approach unfamiliar situations without anxiety and have the confidence and independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. They are courageous and articulate in defending those things in which they believe.

Knowledgeable: They have spent time in school exploring themes which have global relevance and importance. In doing so, they have acquired a critical mass of significant knowledge.

Principled: They have a sound grasp of the principles of moral reasoning. They have integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness and justice.

Caring: They show sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others. They have a sense of personal commitment to action and service.

Open Minded: They respect the views, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures, and they are accustomed to seeking and considering a range of points of view.

Well Balanced: They understand the importance of physical and mental balance and personal well-being.

Reflective: They give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and analyze their personal strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner. (Information extracted from www.ibo.org)

Core Values

  • Child Focused (nurturing and inspiring our young people to achieve)
  • Compassionate Spirit (caring community)
  • Balanced Curriculum (well-rounded – academic, sports, arts, music and Chinese)
  • Diversity Driven (open-minded, individualistic and tolerant)
  • Future Orientated (progressive and pioneering for the future)

Student Learner Outcomes

School-wide Learner Outcomes:

  1. Question and Wonder – Students will learn not just how to answer questions, but how to ask questions to further learning – Students will learn through problem solving and reflection – Students’ curiosity will be nurtured and lead to questioning and then learning – Students will understand that learning is a process and will continue throughout their academic and post-academic life
  2. Discover and Create – Students will be provided opportunities to explore the Arts, Science, Math, Languages and Humanities through activities both inside and outside – of the classroom. Students will be able to work both independently and collaboratively. Students will explore a variety of subjects both inside and outside of the classroom. All of the ATLs (organization, collaboration, communication, information literacy, reflection, thinking and transfer) will be used so all students can learn. The school will prepare students for the next stage in their education
  3. Global Citizens – The school community will provide a welcoming environment to students from all cultures and countries. Students will contribute to the community at the school level and beyond. Students will take ownership for the planet and its citizens. Students will learn about the world through a variety of lenses and histories. All students’ cultural and political opinions can be voiced in a safe environment While the major language of instruction is English, students will learn at least one additional language
  4. Skill and Intellect – Curriculum will enable students to feed their intellectual curiosity and foster a love of inquiry. Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will be provided with tools to help them learn and succeed in an academic environment. Students will learn to express ideas, thoughts and feelings in oral and written form. Students will be able to prioritize, monitor and evaluate progress towards goals and objective

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