Exploring and engaging with our host country of China is an important part of our WISS learning community.  Each year, Grade 5 travels to Xi’an to enhance their experience and understanding of Chinese civilization. Complimenting the UOI of “Where we are in Place and Time” students are immersed into the past discovering the sites, smells, and tastes of this abundantly diverse country.   

Follow the travelogue of Shaeanna and Ying Hui for all the highlights of this amazing experience for our 5th graders.  

Day 1: Eat

Upon reaching Xi’An, we were brought to our first dinner. We had to tear this bread and choose your type of soup, it was either pork, beef or egg. The noodles was served with the tore up bread in the soup. I think that the bread was a little bit too soggy, but the rest of the meal was good.

Day 2: Explore

Early morning we set off to a Terracotta warriors workshop were we made our own mini Terracotta warriors using brown clay and a stone mold.  After a tasty meal of hand pulled noodles we went to see the real Terracotta warriors museum and learned about the history. Then we went to the night market: it was all food! We had to find nine sort of Xi’an foods, Stir Fried Potato Ball, Naan bread, Stir Fried Bean Jelly Noodles, Green Bean Cake, Persimmon Cakes, Stinky Tofu, Lamb Kebabs, Rose flavored Glutinous Rice, and lastly but most delicious, Rou Jia Mo. Than we went to a restaurant where we ate soup dumplings and we also had Oskar’s surprised birthday: we turned off the lights, and when then the cake came, we sang the Hutong happy birthday song.


Day 3: Exchange

Today we had a school exchange with the Martial Arts Academy School and they did these cool moves for us and we performed our Suessical song for them.  Next we had a buddy that was in that school and that person would teach us some martial arts. After that we ate lunch with them and it was good but simple, (the food was steamed bread, vegetables and non-spicy curry)-it tasted delicious. Next stop, Big Wild Goose Pagoda.There were 4 activities for us: 1.Sketching, 2.Playing games beside the wild goose pagoda 3. “Climbing” the wild goose pagoda and 4. Drama. I think that I like drama the best out of the four because my group’s show was super dramatic by making a show called the origin of the Wild Goose Pagoda.

Finally, we went to the hotel for the most fun activity of the day…the talent show!  The talent show was so funny that everyone laughed so hard until their tummies hurt so much. In the talent show there were some unexpected surprises-, the teachers even prepared ice cream sundaes for us.

Day 4: Exercise

After breakfast, we walked to the City wall. When we reached we got in a line, smallest to tallest for bicycles and took off! It was very fun but also very tiring. At lunch, we had the tasty kind of food that you have to take the bread and take this meat and eat it together. Then it was time to head to the airport and back to Shanghai.

Which IB Learner Profile was important to your experience?

Shaeanna: I feel the IB profile Risk-taker would be most important in this trip because if no one is a Risk-taker no one would do anything.

Ying Hui: The IB Learner Profile that I feel the most is risk taker because you need to be a risk taker to try the food that you don’t know. For example: when we went to the night market we need to be a risk taker and try other amazing food. Though we don’t know what they are or how they taste. It can smell bad but still be delicious.


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