Parents at WISS

Families joining the WISS community for the first time have often remarked how warmly they were welcomed when their children enrolled in our school.

WISS values and encourages parental involvement, inviting parents to become an integral part of the school community. Their involvement is essential in contributing to and building a community that fosters personal and educational excellence.

Parent Community Group

The Parent Community Group (PCG) at WISS is a collection of dedicated and caring parents that come together to support the WISS Social events, Charity programmes and to coordinate and enjoy Parent social events. They cover a number of key areas and have initiated a number of projects, as below:

The PCG welcomes new and returning families at the beginning of each semester with a warm and welcoming Coffee Morning.

Parent Welcoming

Working throughout the year with School Administration, the PCG devises new initiatives and ensures our fund-raising is targeted where it is needed most. They also inform the parent community of volunteer opportunities within the community and help parents to find the project best suited to them.

Parent Charity

The PCG tries to find new ways parents and students can spend more time with each other outside of school. They coordinate events such as: The Music of the Ages themed party and the annual WISS Gala Evening fundraiser event.

Parent Social.jpg

The PCG created the WISS Cookbook in 2012, comprised of recipes from the WISS Community and sold the book to fundraise for the WISS Partner Charity in South Africa, KYP.

Parent WISS Cook Book

The PCG created the WISS Travel Book in 2014, comprised of travel stories from the WISS Community and sold the book to fundraise for the relief efforts for Ebola and in Nepal.

Parent WISS Travel Book

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