Friends of WISS

Our Friends, Partners and Alumni

WISS Alumni

At WISS we want to stay connected to all our past community members and provide the platform for our students, parents and staff to do the same. Our graduates also move to universities all over the globe and the Alumni network helps them to stay connected to one another and to their past teachers and principals. We also enjoy celebrating and sharing the achievements of our Alumni. Many graduates and other alumni return to visit WISS on regular occasions.

Miholyn Soon

Miholynn is a 2014 Graduate of WISS and she moved to the UK to pursue her passion in film. In 2015, along with a fellow student, she won Best Picture and Best Director for her short film at the Campus Movie Fest. She received an all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood for the Campus Movie Festival of July, where they also won the Elfenworks Social Justice Award, and their short film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. She was also highlighted in the Guardian.

WISS Graduates

WISS Graduates attend top-level Universities and Colleges all over the world but predominantly in the USA and Europe. We receive regular updates from our WISS Alumni, which we share in our communications to the school community. They often return to visit us at WISS and they remain a part of our family even as the years pass by.

Partners at WISS

Flight Centre Shanghai

Flight Centre Shanghai

WISS is proud to have a partnership with Flight Centre Shanghai. Flight Centre is Australasia’s largest travel agency and one of the world’s largest travel agency groups. They provide a dedicated service specifically for parents and teachers in the expat community here in Shanghai and offer everything from flights, accommodation, tours, transfers, visas and car hire.

Parkway Health

WISS is proud to have a partnership with Parkway Health. Parkway Health is a leading healthcare group offering a range of services to expatriates in Shanghai.

Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives are a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness, facilitates action, implements projects, and stimulates change toward sustainable models of growth and consumption. WISS is proud to partner with them to bring valuable talks to our students and to run their Fiber Project, clothes recycling initiative.

Raffles Medical

WISS is proud to partner with Raffles medical to bring health care benefits to our community. Raffles is a leading medical clinic offering a wide range of services to expatriates in Shanghai.

Kate & Kimi

Kate and Kimi is a community based food website for Shanghai’s Foreign Residents. The offer great service and great products! They support a number of WISS events and we are thankful for their ongoing support!

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