Uniform and Tuition

The WISS Uniform is a relaxed style that is comfortable for students but it offers a neat style, convenience to parents and it adds to the overall school culture. The uniform is sold from the WISS Shop throughout the year and each student receives a RMB 2000 Subsidy for uniforms as part of the tuition fee.

Summer Wear

  • Unisex:
    • Light Blue Long-Sleeved WISS Polo T Shirt
    • White PE Short-Sleeved T shirt
    • PE Sport Shorts
    • Navy Blue Summer Cap
  • Girls Only:
    • Navy/White Check skirts (Grade 6 and up)
    • Beige Skorts (N – Grade 5)
  • Boys Only:
    • Short Beige Pants

Winter Wear

  • Unisex:
    • Light Blue Long-Sleeved WISS Polo T Shirt
    • Navy Blue PE Suit
    • Navy Blue Hoodie
    • Navy Blue Sweat Pants (thick one)
    • Navy Blue Sweater
    • Long Beige Pants
  • Girls Only:
    • Thick Check Skirt
    • Dress (Nursery – Kindergarten)

Other Items

  • Science Lab Coats (Secondary Only)
  • Library bag (N – Grade 2 required, other grades optional)

WISS Tigers Team Kits

Each student that joins a WISS Tigers Sports Team afterschool, will need to purchase the relevant team kit. The Coach will provide each team member with a collection from, which can be given to the WISS Shop to collect your team kit.

Optional Items

  • WISS Swim kits (swimsuit, goggles, cap, bag)

WISS Tuition Fees and Policy

The WISS Tuition Fees and Policy can be downloaded here. For any further questions, please contact the WISS Admissions Team.

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